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San Francisco, CA (Estados Unidos)
De 1001 a 5000 empleados
Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa)
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    «Great people, but is lacking overall»

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    Exempleado - Empleado anónimo en San Francisco, CA (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - Empleado anónimo en San Francisco, CA (Estados Unidos)
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    The culture is great for anyone who's looking for positivity and diversity.
    The company takes complaints very seriously and will try to act as an advocate of the victim.
    The compensation is competitive.
    The company tries not to lay off employees.
    Career progression is good, up until you get into senior management.
    The relatively small engineering org makes it easy to have a large impact from day 1.


    Engineering is seriously understaffed. They usually have teams a fifth the size of the same teams at similar companies. It usually results in a lot of overtime, stress and cut corners. On the other hand, the scope of the work is comparatively limited, so it's somewhat manageable.

    Leadership is conservative in their decision-making. They do not like to make big gambles, but given OpenTable is a market leader, that's not uncommon. They're also well aware of their position.

    Their tertiary benefits tend to pale in comparison to other companies (e.g. lunches, snacks, amenities). You pay for lunch on your own dime and the company rarely provides catered lunch.

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    Focus on being competitive outside of pay. Genuinely empower your employees and give them a reason to give 110%, rather than 80%.

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    Entrevista para Global Partnerships Manager

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Los Angeles, CA (Estados Unidos)
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    Envié una solicitud electrónica. El proceso duró 3 días. Acudí a una entrevista en OpenTable (Los Angeles, CA (Estados Unidos)) en agosto de 2020.


    Initial phone screen from the recruiter, then 2-3 more rounds with the hiring manager and the rest of the team. All behavioral.

    The recruiter seemed disinterested throughout the entire call. Wasn't warm or welcoming at all. Didn't try to sell me the job. Didn't even really ask me any questions that would dig into my background. The only question I was asked was "Tell me about your time at your last role". That was it. Didn't dig into it or ask to elaborate. I was waiting for more questions but they never came. Not even sure why they scheduled this call if they weren't keen on learning more? Seems like a complete waste of every one's time. There was plenty of awkward silence and I tried to drive the conversation as much as I could without overwhelming them with a one sided deluge of my past.

    At the end I was given some time to ask questions. They spent maybe 5 minutes asking about me and the remainder of the time was me asking her questions. At the end I even tried turning the conversation around by letting them ask questions again. I specifically made it a point to ask as my last question, "I've spent alot of time prodding you with questions, is there anything else you'd like to ask or I could clarify while we are on the phone?". They said no, they had asked everything they needed to, which was one question.

    Overall a really terrible experience. Probably one of the worst recruiters I had spoken to. They were apparently the recruiting manager there and had at one time been a technical recruiter. One of my questions was "How technical do you expect this person to be in this role? Will they be working closely with Product?" and their answer was "Well, you don't really need to be that technical. You need to know Powerpoint and Excel". What??? That's not at all what I was asking. Sums up the call. Don't even think they were listening.

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  • Best Places to Work, Glassdoor, 2016

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