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  • Seattle, WA
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  • 1994
  • Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa) (AMZN)
  • Internet
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All Amazon teams and businesses, from Prime delivery to AWS, are guided by four key tenets: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. We are driven by the excitement of building ...

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June 11, 2021
Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters. Since 2017, Amazon’s disaster relief and response efforts have provided over 13 million items and tens of millions of dollars to support community partners worldwide during 59 natural disasters
Shared image - Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters
Amazon opens Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta for faster response to natural disasters
April 28, 2021
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Amazon ranks #1 on LinkedIn’s annual Top Companies list as the company where Americans most want to work. Thank you to each and every Amazon employee! #LinkedInTopCompanies
Shared image - LinkedIn names Amazon No. 1 company where Americans want to work
LinkedIn names Amazon No. 1 company where Americans want to work

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Las decisiones se toman en concensos sin importar estatus/jeraquia. Transperencia de ideas e informacion: La revision incremental o masiva de una idea puede mejorarla. No hay "tabus" . Se revisan


Has de contribuir con ideas ya que afecta a tu desarrollo y desempeño en la empresa. La contribucion es una politica de la empresa.
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  1. Entrevista de Senior Program Manager

    Empleado anónimo en Seattle, WA
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    Experiencia positiva
    Entrevista difícil

    Solicité el puesto a través de la escuela superior o la universidad. Acudí a una entrevista en Amazon (Seattle, WA) en Mar 2020


    I will split this review into 2 sections pertaining to my preparation process and interview process.

    First, I prepared by reaching out to my OCM (Office of Career Management) part of my MBA program. They reached out to the alumni that worked in the specific job and connected me with them. This was essential to my process and helped me a lot as it helped me get an inside look of the interviewers thought process before the interview.
    I then prepared a document to save and answer any interview question that I could find from resources, such as Glass Door, pertaining to typical Amazon behavioral interview questions.
    I also watched interview related YouTube videos that helped me prepare. Since Amazon is such a large company and hires a lot of people, there are a lot of these videos available. There are a few YouTube channels dedicated to the Amazon hiring process and interview preparation.
    I then reviewed the leadership principles and familiarized myself with them. I paired behavioral questions with these principles, and related them to my experience via the STAR format.
    One thing I HIGHLY suggest is practicing your responses, making them fluid and natural as part of a normal conversation. Record yourself, practice in the mirror, etc. Also, do NOT simply write down your responses and read them to the interviewer. This will get you negative points, and possibly cause them to pass on you.

    Total time: 3 HR, 15 Min.
    4 interview, 45 min long, 15 min. break after 2nd interview.
    Amazon is moving towards online interview process. There are not doing as much on-campus interviews or flying candidates out to the location for in-person interviews.
    My Amazon interview was a total of FOUR interviews. Each of these interviews lasted for 45 minutes. Amazon will try to do all 4 of these interviews within 1 day.
    Be prepared to commit to the interview date, and be prepared for it to take the better half of the day.
    Each interviewer was punctual and direct. They gave a quick introduction of themselves, asked for a quick introduction of myself, and then quickly moved into behavioral type questioning.
    Preparing ahead of time is essential. I HIGHLY recommend the STAR format. Amazon is very results driven. Don't focus on non-essential information. Focus on actions and results.
    Each interviewer will ask you for more details and challenge you during the interview. Be prepared to be challenged and have those answers ready if possible.
    2 of the interviewers I had gave me hypothetical questions to get to know my thought process better and to learn what my managerial style is like.

    All in all, it was a great experience. If you make it to this round of interview, you will most likely do well. Amazon is selective in their candidates, and seek out very qualified individuals for positions like this. You will more than likely enjoy this interview. My preparation helped me a great deal. Do not take the preparation lightly.

    Finally, the questions that I included were part of my preparation and found online. They were also asked by the interviewer. Not all of the questions asked are included.

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