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A un Node Js Developer le preguntaron...4 de febrero de 2017

Why node.js and what's special about it?

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Node.js applications executes code asynchronously. It is an single thread based asynchronously execution. There is no wait time for function execution. Node.js is able to execute any number of functions simultaneously. It won't wait for completion of one function . So this mechanism saves execution time and increases performance of the application . Menos

Node js is not a language first of all, it 's a runtime for javascript.It is not single threaded because it uses libuv library which supports multi threading with the help of kernal. Event loop is single threaded. Node.js was created explicitly as an experiment in async processing. The theory was that doing async processing on a single thread could provide more performance and scalability under typical web loads than the typical thread-based implementation. Menos

Spartans AI

When and why did you decide to apply for the job at this particular firm?

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I've heard about the company a few months ago and I loved their work, but I wasn't able to pursue a job at the time. But later on, when I started applying for jobs I remembered them and was glad to apply. Menos


Node js, Javascript questions, asynchronous behavior of node js, questions like what is a generator function,etc.

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I was unable to answer some of them but I did around 60-70%


How soon you can join

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After completing my notice period

EPAM Systems

write a code to find the count of occurrences of a given pattern in a text?

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In Python:.. "abcdabcva".count("ab")


Write palindrome

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I wrote that


Basic Google node js interview questions

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I don't give the exact definitions in google but I explained everything . Don't know whether they know the definitions only or concepts . Menos


Implement role-based authentication in Node.js

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Implemented using JWT auhentication.

Innovation Incubator

What is a Buffer in node.js?

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Apparently, the answer is "it is a Class."

Interview: 1 Programming questions 1. var str = "some revenue in 2016 is 1,50,000 when GDP is 3.5%, but in 2015 it was 1,00,000 and GDP was 3.0%.." print string with reversed numbers expected o/p : some revenue in 6102 is 000,05,1 when GDP is 5.3%.... 2. Directed graph shortest path between two points. Interview: 2 1. Application architecture 2. Design a sales website which have feeding monthly sales data by Excel data sheets which contain record of product per sales person. Create report /Month/Team/Person Reports 3. DB Architecture for Q2, Web Architecture Q2, Client implementation: Q2 4. Details application scalability using Load balancer 5. Processing data via node.js where to use async, promise. 6. Google egg floor problem

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Interview: 1 1. Solved via javascript using replace, reverse string Can be done via single for loop, I have gone for readability option than performance option 2. Solved via Recursive finding of directed distance between points, then last print distance bewteen two points Writing in board is not easy, I written important sections only. Menos

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