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Hunton Andrews Kurth

How do you handle difficult attorneys?


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I gave an example of working with an attorney described as a monster and how he and I got along extremely well; friends to this day (20 yrs later). I answered that I have not had an attorney that remained difficult after some adjusting for both of us.

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I have been dealing with lawyers for 36 years. I don't argue with lawyers, I JUST OUT PERFORM THEM! Lawyers don't do the tedious, resourceful, challenging, menial tasks like discovery and verification. We "gofers" do the hard work, i.e. Legal Secretaries, Auditors, Document Control and Contract Management personnel. During the discover period, I ensure pertinent documentation is pursued to the nth degree. Then I DOCUMENT the fact that I was (not them) the FONT OF THE DISCOVERY EVIDENCE they require to support their deliberations. I have little tolerance for "Credit Stealing " or "Blame Shifting" lawyers. I don't tolerate condescension from "baby lawyers". The sooner lawyers and I get to the meeting of the minds about those roles, the better. Ill-mannered lawyers are their own worst enemies. I always remind him or her that EVERY litigation has a winning and a losing lawyer. They hate me... until I save their backsides. Then we are suddenly best friends...NOT.

Sometimes one has to be tenacious, so not to get thrown under a bus en

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