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How do you feel working remotely and alone ?


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As a fish in a water

Candidato a entrevista el 2 abr. 2009

I've worked from remotely / from home several times in my career, and there is a real difference between working in a large office and by yourself.

Fortunately there are many technology solutions to help overcome this -- email, collaborative screen sharing, conf calls, telepresence etc...

But the real answer to this question is about the character of the person, not what technology is available (even at a tech company). My answer to this question would be that, in my case, I have worked at home by choice (I live in a nice place), and because of the lack of daily contact with co-workers there is an inherent "pressure" to be more visible than if you are in the office every day. It's also worth noting that I have established a clear policy that my choice of location can _never_ be an issue for others. Therefore if you need me on the phone at 3:00a.m., I'll be there. Likewise if you need me on a plane to Asia tomorrow.

Mathwhiz el 5 may. 2009

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