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How do you cost a product?


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It all depend in materials used, labors, packaging and delivery cost.

Israel Abundo en


it all depend in materials used labors,packaging,and delivery ,That call product cost.

Manoj Kumar Gupta en


Cost of product includes Direct Labour + Direct Material+ Direct FOH (factory Overheads). The total cost divided by total no of units produced gives you cost per unit. en


Depends on the product, transportation, loading and unloading cost and packaging cost if needed.

Anónimo en


all cost up to ready for sale in our store

Nour El Din Ali en


Products costs are raw material, labor, factory depreciation, fuel and packaging costs. Product costs are further classified into direct material, direct labor and factory overhead.

Manoj Kumar Gupta en


first we know material cost,how many days,how many workers doing products,purchase of material,than how much our company or law of percentage how much we sales all include we will do product price.etc..(Depends of Materials)

mohamed yusuff en


all cost from purchases upto warehouse will be added to the unit and unit cost to be apportioned after adding the gross profit decided by the managment.

govind bhat en


Purchases cost add direct Expenses and considered to the management margin of profit percentage to add the cost price for materials

Anónimo en

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