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First face to face round went OK. The interviewer asked about a matrix with dynamic programming algorithm and psuedo code for it. Also asked about explaining basics of technologies mentioned in the resume. I think I did justice with explaining what I knew, and from his expressions, I could not understand whether he was satisfied or not interested to listen :). No cross questions, not asking for details, just kept writing the feedback on his computer after asking. Second face to face round had two questions. One was algorithm for a tree traversal problem and proper code for it along with corner cases. Second question was a low level design problem.


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I discussed the approach and wrote code for it. There was one mistake in the code which I corrected and provided proper code and he was satisfied with it. The low level design question - which was not explained well (or may be I could not understand) - and I gave a reflection based answer (which seemed to be the only way to solve what I understood). Later on after some clarifications, I came up with 2 more approaches, but probably he was not satisfied with it and insisted on making it better, without explaining problems in design I proposed. I think he had something in mind, and he wanted me to read his mind and come up with the same solution, which I could not. After the interview I googled for it and I feel my solution was quite close (like 80% close) to a highly rated stackoverflow answer. After this round I was told to leave :).

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Can you please share what was the low level design question that he asked you ?

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