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Gray Construction

1. How would you prepare a feasibility estimate? 2. Why do you want to leave your current company?

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These people are afraid to hire senior people skilled in the industry. Another job scared company.

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1. Benchmark against previous, similar projects, exclude peculiarities [cost of land, remediation of land, special foundations, etc], state assumptions and most importantly state it as a range, say $150-250/SF rather than give a single figure the client will latch onto throughout the design process. 2. Need to get back into prime contracting and get involved in actual construction, as I used to, instead of consulting, where engagement is limited and also so I can have bragging rights when driving my dad, who was a Town Planner and builder, and a merciless tease, around town and pointing out projects I'd project managed (interviewers mockingly laughed at this). Of course I was being facetious but who wouldn't be after how they approached the whole interview process, not to mention that it's always been one of the dumbest interview questions? Why should anyone have a "noble reason" for leaving one company or the other in a free country, especially an "at-will" employment State anyway? The interviewers also laughed at the notion of establishing an independent estimate to compare returned subcontractor bids against and claimed they found RS Means was inaccurate. I wondered whether they receive detailed estimates to back up the fixed lump sum bids from subcontractors and how they handled change orders, price adjustment, etc, post contract.

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