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    Exempleado - Senior DevOps Engineer en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
    Exempleado - Senior DevOps Engineer en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    Trabajé a jornada completa en Illumina (Más de 3 años)


    I have been working at Illumina for almost three years, and I can definitively assert that it is an astonishing company. The most valuable thing at Illumina is the people. Everybody shares the same value, the same vision, and there is a level of understanding and politeness hardly to find anywhere else. Kudos to Illumina for this unbelievable atmosphere.


    Salaries are slightly lower than the corresponding market level. Senior Management had no clear clue about how to influence the stock market positively, and I think they lost a bit the way.

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    Entrevista para Lead Generation Specialist

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    Envié una solicitud electrónica. El proceso duró 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Illumina (Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)) en enero de 2020.


    The feedback was completely unprofessional. I have never expected to receive such a feedback form a renowned company like Illumina!

    The Commercial Department at Cambridge were looking for a Lead Generation Specialist for more than 30 days. They received more than 20 applications but were looking for more.

    The first telephone interview was with the Talent Acquisition Manager. She was a professional lady, much experienced than the Line Manager in the second interview. She asked me very specific questions, one of it was about the Next-generation sequencing. The conversation was very positive, supposed to be for 30 minutes but it last for 43 minutes.

    The second interview, which "supposed to be" a video call for 45 minutes via BlueJeans with the Line Manager; a polite young lady with an Indian accent. But surprisingly the webcam was turned off, so the whole interview was a voice chat and I was wondering why she didn’t call me on the phone?!

    The lady was a bit hesitant about the role in general as she was thinking to add or change some of duties and responsibilities. During the conversation, I realised that I was older than her and probably than whole team. I know age doesn't matter, it's just about the right person in the right place - but it wasn't!

    I asked her three direct questions; about the role and her expectations, but the answers were quite general (nothing specific) but I remember she said "You have too much experience than any one in my team…Your energy is a way higher than anybody in the team…Some people in my team are very shy and some are sensitive…and I’m looking for someone like you”.

    Nine days later, I received this feedback from the Talent Acquisition Manager - I'm quoting:

    "Unfortunately, due to some reprioritisation, the decision has been made to change the duties this person will need to do. This is now an entry level position for someone to input data into SFDC and work with the team to distribute the leads being generated, so I appreciate this might not be the position you want to do. If so then let me know but if we don't hear from you then I'll assume this new role is not of interest." - They changed the title and the whole job description in the advert!

    Although I wasn't expecting such feedback, I answered with "yes" I'm ready to accept the offer. However, an automated rejection email received after 24 hours. Very disappointed and I hope future applicants will never fall into such drama.

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