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    «Toxic family»

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    Exempleado - Software Architect en Heidelberg, Baden-Wurtemberg (Alemania)
    Exempleado - Software Architect en Heidelberg, Baden-Wurtemberg (Alemania)
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    Accenture itself is very mature organization. It has lots of processes that really works.
    For example you can work in any company office in the world - just book a seat there.
    However I will concentrate on 1 of its department (HCM) and not whole company in my review.


    Accenture HCM is very small department with its own culture.
    1 Toxic environment full of intrigues and politics.
    Nobody tells anything to your face, they blame you behind your back to everybody in the company.
    For example one person talked 8 hours in a raw whole day and I couldn't listen to all this meaningless talks. She got very angry because I moved my head to my notebook to do the work. After that she stopped talking with me at all. Then she started talking crappy things about me to my colleagues. After some time she started talking with me for 1 day and then again started ignoring.
    This is an example of hysterical behaviour you can see in 90% of people in this department.

    2 Upper management believes there is a pyramid of experience in a company.
    On the top they have the most experienced and rich person, then less experienced and less rich people and so on.
    Head of this department is top layer, 2-3 managers are the 2nd layer in this pyramid.
    Everybody else are at the bottom layer and are replaceable units that can be fired anytime.

    3 This upper management is not familiar with their own profession. They live with 30 years old knowledge that is not actual now.
    For example they tell to everybody they use Scrum but in reality waterfall is used. They don't tell truth to developers because they're afraid developers will run away.
    Giving this, developers try to do Scrum having strict deadlines. Surprisingly only developers are blamed for not meeting deadlines that nobody are familiar with.

    4 When you say something to one person, everybody else will know it the next day. Even if this is something personal and relate to your health or your children.
    They don't see any problem with this.

    5 Developers (as bottom layer in their pyramid) are afraid to add one line of code. They are stressed to be afraid of any move.

    6 Micromanagement is deeply in all processes.

    7 Cognitive abilities are very low.
    People work there for tens of years and don't care about anything. Ability to think is atrophied.

    These are examples of problems. Having upper management not knowing how to do their work, there are tons of problems that I won't mention here.

    Consejos para la Dirección

    Replace upper management in Accenture HCM who is on their pension in their dreams for a long time.
    Accenture is quite modern and has many good people, move them to HCM and it will bloom.

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