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  • Chicago, Estados Unidos
  • Más de 10 000 empleados
  • 1926
  • Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa) (UAL)
  • Aerolíneas, aeropuertos y otros servicios relacionados
  • Más de 10 000 millones (USD)

CompetenciaAmerican Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines
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We're connecting people and uniting the world. We've paired the world's most comprehensive route network with our modern fleet, the most fuel-efficient among U.S. network carriers (when adjusted for cabin size). We have seven US hub locations, including hubs in the four largest ...

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Scott Kirby
Scott Kirby
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"Buena empresa y prestaciones por encima de la media"

21 oct. 2022 - Sales and Services Representative
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Buenas prestaciones, salario arriba del promedio para el tipo de puesto, beneficios de viaje, flexibilidad de tiempo.


Los directivos locales podrían mejorar su liderazgo; no hay descanso en días festivos
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  1. Entrevista de Flight Attendant

    Empleado anónimo en Houston, TX
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    Solicité el puesto a través de un captador. Acudí a una entrevista en United Airlines (Houston, TX) en nov. 2022


    *Completely New Process*
    First you should know that there are United Airlines employees disguised as candidates. I am unsure if it is FAs or HR reps. But they are surveillance posing as FA candidates. They participate in group activities and sit with you at the tables. I "made" two of them because their acting skills were not that strong. There is always someone watching and listening.

    The Process
    1.) When you arrive in the lobby they come and take up 10 people at a time to the 12th floor. They will first chexk ID. An HR person is there with a clipboard. 2.) You will be assigned a base and given a United Airlines lanyard. 3.) The base you are assigned is your group. They have a table for your group with the base name on the table. 4.) There is a Presentation. Then you break out into a group chat. You talk to another FA and your group about your story of "How Good Leads the Way". 5.) There are activities. A.) One is trying to prioritize the importance of issues going wrong on a plane. Everyone is given a slip (11 slips total? 10 slots) with an issue. The FAs (2) are watching as you and your group communicate to prioritize each issue. Once you figured it out the first 10 issues, the FAs give you another issue. Now you have to prioritize that issue and take out an issue......a few of the slips are Pilot needs an FA, Person having a medical issue, passenger worried about bags, passengers worried about pet in cargo, passenger with baby needs an FA, passenger needs water for medication, Child in the exit row, seating issue, etc. Hopefully you have idea of how the decision can be tough. Once you are done. Back to the room where the bases are located. Also know as the crew room. B.) Reach test and Jumpseat , there are Two HR representative here. C.) The uniform room, this is where you just look around and ask questions about the uniform. Hold it up to you and stand in the mirror to see how you look in the uniform. D.) The Room with all United's products. There is safety equipment, facts, the cart (already set up). Again you are just looking around and get a feel of everything. There is a sign saying you are under surveillance while in this room. E.) Simulation Video: You are one on one with an FA. They are watching how you respond to situations you are presented with. The first situation is an FA asking you to assist a passenger because he has his hands full making drinks. You have to talk to the screen ask if you are talking to the FA. Tips: (Smile and be happy about helping) . Another situation is a passenger would like to get off the aircraft during a diversion. So he can try to drive to his event. Tips: (Be empathic, graceful, and humble) Tell him you apologize for the division, inform him you will let the gate agent know about his situation or you can tell him the captain said we are not deplanning. And if there is a possibility he could deplane there isn't a guarantee that his checked bags will be retrieved at this time. Rephrase it your own way and have a warm tone when speaking to the "blank screen." as know as the passenger. You are also asked to read announcements during this simulation. You are given a lot information and then you have to fill in the blank. Example: The Captain didn't give you a time for the next update. Are you going to make up a time or just say momentarily or soon in replacement of the time. Or maybe skip that part since there isn't a time. That choice is up to you. There are candidates who tried each one and got a CTO. Again they are looking at your smile and body language when you come across an issue. 6.) In between these activities, you are in the "crew room" you can write out cards for children at the hospital, talk to other candidates, QR codes are in the room , have your cell phone with you to check them out. 7.) Once everything is done your group is thanked and you are told you will receive call within 24-48 hours. If you don't get a call in 24 hours there is a strong chance you have a tbnk email coming.
    More Information: They say bring ID. The HR representative did review your ID. Also they say bring be a resume. Many people who had CTOs did not bring a resume. It was forgotten. They didn't check or ask for the Resumes. I hope this helps. I don't plan to apply to this Airlines again but I am sure if this is where you want to be you will get the CTO! Just happy my experience, and time given to them wasn't wasted. P.S. There is a place to Store your Rollaboard and they have water and snacks.

    A time you want Above and Beyond for a customer? Why United Airlines? Describe a tike you had to work with a difficult person? Describe a time you had a difficult situation and rhe process of how you handle it?

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Noticias de la empresa

13 de julio de 2020
We're excited to announce Jessica Kimbrough, who is currently our Labor Relations and Legal Strategy Managing Director, will take on the new role of Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Managing Director. She will be responsible for helping us redefine our efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion – ensuring that our programs and approach are strategic, integrated and outcome-oriented, while we continue to build a culture that reflects our core values.
Shared image - Jessica Kimbrough named Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
Jessica Kimbrough named Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
30 de junio de 2020
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We're one of the first airlines to have a required mask policy for everyone. When we say safety is our number one priority, we mean it. For more information, visit
Shared image - Protecting others and their safety
Protecting others and their safety

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