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Rochester, NY (Estados Unidos)
De 501 a 1000 empleados
Organización sin ánimo de lucro
Asistencia social
De 50 a 100 millones (EUR) por año

Heritage Christian Services, Lifetime Assistance, Epilepsy-Pralid

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  • «place to build a career»

    Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo en Rochester, NY (Estados Unidos)
    Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo en Rochester, NY (Estados Unidos)

    Trabajo a jornada completa en The Arc of Monroe (Más de 5 años)


    mission driven, variety of job opportunities


    pay is competitive with non-profit, but low overall

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    Entrevista para Employment Specialist/Job Coach

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Rochester, NY (Estados Unidos)
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    Solicité el puesto por otro medio. El proceso duró 1 día. Acudí a una entrevista en The Arc of Monroe (Rochester, NY (Estados Unidos)) en enero de 2017.


    Went into two interviews on the same day. The first was a 1-to-1 interview and was asked basic behavioral interview questions; this interview was more social, and I was able to have some concerns about the position addressed, but I was still left with a few questions that I reserved for the head of the job coach program. However, I ended up not asking many of those questions because I lost a lot of interest in the position when I found out more about it during the second interview. The second interview was a panel with three people. I was initially told that I would be interviewing with the head of the job coach program and someone participating in the program, but they apparently decided to add one extra interviewer, and I had no idea who she was.

    The panel interview was more robotic. The head of job coach program went into an overview of the position, but talked incredibly fast. It was immediately obvious that she was reciting the company's description and position word by word, and it seemed like she was just going through the typical routine, but she just wanted to get it over with. The second interviewer in the panel was more rude as when I asked one question, she ended up turning it back onto me. I wanted to find out more about the day-to-day habits of an employment specialist, but they couldn't really provide anything specific; they were specific on some things, but they were quite vague on a lot of other things about the position.

    I was told that I needed to be available for a flexible schedule and that I would "make my own hours." I was fine with that, but it was during the panel interview that something was off with this. The schedule is heavily dependent on the caseload of people you'd be working with and THEIR hours of availability. The schedule is not just "flexible," but HIGHLY irregular. When I asked what would be a typical caseload, they responded with "it depends." In the first interview, I was told that it could be anywhere around 25 people, but she wasn't sure. During the second interview, I asked what could be the max or highest they've witnessed, and they still avoided the question and once again responded with "it depends." I was also expected to constantly be on the road and meeting with the people I'd work with at their workplaces. Meeting them face-to-face away from the office would be the majority of the work hours. I should have stopped the interview, but I decided to keep going with it and see what else they'd say, but nothing really changed my mind. I lost a lot of interest in the position.

    What the agency needs to do is be more direct with their job descriptions and not understate or hide things. It's one thing to say that a schedule would be flexible, but when you fail to mention that the schedule would also be highly irregular, then that's problem. If I had known beforehand how erratic and extreme some of these requirements were like, I wouldn't have attended that interview, and if I had received an offer, I would have declined.

    Preguntas de entrevista

    • Generic Behavioral Interview questions:
      What are two of your strengths?
      If someone took something from someone else, what would you do?
      Why do you want to work with Arc of Monroe?   2 respuestas
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