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  • Karachi, Pakistán
  • De 5001 a 10 000 empleados
  • 1961
  • Empresa pública
  • Organismos estatales
  • Desconocido/No aplicable


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  1. Entrevista de Assistant Manager(IT Software)

    Empleado anónimo en Lahore
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    Envié una solicitud electrónica. El proceso duró 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en SUPARCO (Lahore) en dic. 2018


    I have applied applied for the most in mid of oct i guess, the applying process was on a third party In the end of nov I received call letter for written test which was held on 11th of dec in suparco lahore,

    Test was not that much hard as i was expecting here are some of questions i managed to remember: null pointer exception occurs because of? multiple written codes question for operators logic used in c? CAD, CASE,? Array is contiguous series of sames element? a pointer refer to? part of sector in magnet disk. can a function return more than one value? defult return type of a function is what if not defined a return type? val1 = 2, val2 = 5, val1 > val5? what would be return type. 1, 0, true, false? is a example of heiraricale data structure? tree, linked list, array which of the following is not used in java? char, string, float int, float, double, long all these type can automaticaly promoted to? long, double, float, int, sting after installing sql default database created are? master, model, schema or both a& b datastructers is a property of many forms? polymorphism, inheritence, abtraction, data hiding when you explicitly change data type it is called? overloading, cast, overriding requirement team are supposed to be the? the first users of new system, laison of their department, managing of social entities are under? management, hr maintainance cause in more work than the orignal requirements? primitive, perfective, can we use select and update together? yes if you are using nested query, yes without nested query, no what keyword is used to check what changes have been made in a table? how many primary key constraints can be in one table? int[x] = x[3] cout >> x[3] " variable that does not changes is called? static or const Code logic can also be represented as? pseudocode, structured process english, both a&b, none of these code logic is represented by both strudtured english and pseudocode? true false

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