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  • Cleveland, OH
  • Más de 10 000 empleados
  • 1937
  • Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa) (PGR)
  • Operadores de seguros
  • Más de 10 000 millones (USD)


We’re just an insurance company known for Flo, our friendly Superstore employee? Rethink Progressive. We’re so much more than that, and the careers and culture we offer might surprise you. For more than 80 years, Progressive has offered a wide range of insurance choices to ...

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Tricia Griffith
Tricia Griffith
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12 feb 2021 - Programador en New York, NY
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tengo mucha facilidad para expresarme


no tengo una en específico
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  1. Entrevista de Customer Service Representative

    Empleado anónimo en Tampa, FL
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    Envié una solicitud electrónica. Acudí a una entrevista en Progressive Insurance (Tampa, FL) en feb 2021


    Progressive doesn't actually interview. They send you through a program called HireVue so they never actually interview you. The result? Your answers are automatically scored and you never talk to a real person. I hate that this company does this. Hopefully this review makes them reconsider their processes.

    Here's the questions from the HireVue system: Practice Questions: "Explain why your background and experience would be a good fit for this job.", "Tell us what has been your best work achievement to this point in your career. What made this achievement important?", "Describe a difficult task you were faced with and how you addressed it." Real Questions: (8 of them) -"At Progressive, culture, core values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion redefine everything you might think about corporate environments. We're a Fortune 100 company with forward-thinking approaches, state-of-the-art technology, and endless opportunities to risk, learn and grow. Please tell us why you're interested in joining the Progressive team, and briefly describe your work history, including reasons for leaving each position." -"Of all the positions you worked in the last 5 years, what position did you like most and why? What position did you like least and why?" -"Describe a time when you solved a problem for someone in a way that exceeded their expectations. Please describe the situation, how you responded, and the results. How did you know what would exceed their expectations?" -"Tell me about a time when you struggled with or were overwhelmed by a new or difficult challenge at work or school. Please describe the situation, your actions, and the results. How were you able to remain accountable for your work during that stressful time?" -"Tell us about a time you received difficult or constructive feedback from a supervisor or educator. Describe the situation, how you responded, and the results. What did you do with the feedback?" -"Tell me about a situation when you had to adapt to a substantial change you encountered while working on an assignment at school or work. Please describe the situation, how you adapted to the change, and the results." -"Tell me about a situation in which you needed to make an important decision quickly, but were faced with conflicting information from multiple sources. Please describe the situation, your actions, and the results of your final decision." -"Tell me about a time when a customer or individual told you no at first and you were able to convince him or her to say yes. Give a detailed explanation of the process you used to persuade the customer."

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  • Cleveland Top WorkplacesThe Plain Dealer2019
  • Colorado Top WorkplacesThe Denver Post2019

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