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Persado is reinventing digital marketing creative by applying mathematical certainty to the words used in marketing communications.

Words are the foundational DNA of marketing. By unlocking the power of words, companies win every digital marketing moment ... Leer más

Objetivo: To arm brands and individuals with cognitive content that resonates and inspires any given audience to action.

Persado – ¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?

About us

Persado was founded on 12/12/12, and as math nerds, we think that fact is pretty cool. Just as we geek out about data, we have a deep appreciation for the power of language.

Persado is the leader in using AI to generate the most compelling marketing message, harnessing the power of words.

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Our company is made up of everyone from Math Olympians to pioneers in natural language processing to some of the world’s foremost experts in data science. And that is only half of who we are. We are also comprised of leading linguistic specialists, marketing experts, talented translators and more, all working together to help companies globally win every digital marketing moment.

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Our Values: We are Persado

Our business is a revolution.
The revolution isn’t over until we become the status quo.
We fight with numbers.
The old way of doing things will fight us but we will prevail.
Do more, talk less. Wherever possible, DIY.
It may look ugly, it may look chaotic but, in the end, it will change everything.
The truth has only one version. Have the courage to tell it like it is.
Falling is expected. Getting back up is who we are.

Our Culture

We have started a movement. Sometimes it’s one step forward, two steps back. Nothing revolutionary ever comes easy. Every Persadoan has a role to play in making this an amazing place to work. Whether that means joining our Culture Committee to lead volunteering and charity initiatives or sharing knowledge during our monthly all-hands meetings. We are constantly pushing forward.

Proud of our Diversity

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Different perspectives are an essential component to keep us pushing forward. Our diverse team speaks over 25 languages and counting and we value the contribution that each Persadoan makes.


Because our people are our biggest asset, we want everyone to be happy and healthy so that they can do their best work. You’ll receive health care, generous vacation, retirement plan, company offsites, team events, happy hours and tons of snacks and goodies. 


Each Persadoan has two days per year to use for volunteering. You might choose to help deliver food to the homeless or take part in a group fundraising activity.

Other Events

Persado’s Culture Committee organize events in partnership with local charities to have the biggest impact. Whether that’s fundraising, volunteering or using our technology to support local charities. 5th September is the United Nations International Day of Charity and events take place in each of our global offices to help build a sense of community.

Charity: water

Charity: water is on a mission to bring clean drinking water to everyone and it’s a mission that is close to our hearts. Persado has worked closely with Charity: water to help support their mission. Watch the video above to find out more.

We want you to understand our interview process so you can be fully prepared to succeed. 

What we’re looking for

Innovation, ambition, hunger. We want to know how you creatively solve problems. We want to hear about your successes and failures and, more importantly, what you learned from them.

What you can expect

The interview process will vary based on role, seniority, etc., but you can expect:

  • A call with HR: To talk through your experience and see if you’d be a good match
  • Meet the hiring manager: to assess whether you’d be a good fit in the team. Questions to understand your experience in detail
  • Meet the team: We value each Persadoan’s unique perspective so you’ll likely meet with one or more of the team to get a second opinion.
  • Evaluations: We’re a data-driven math-focused company so you can expect to be assessed in a variety of ways during the interview process

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    Exempleado - Campaign Manager en San Francisco, CA (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - Campaign Manager en San Francisco, CA (Estados Unidos)
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    The benefits are decent, and there's a full snack cupboard in the office. The lower management is excellent, and there's a real sense of camaraderie on the Operations team (probably because we're all acutely aware of how the company leadership is screwing us over). I can sincerely call my coworkers my friends; the office atmosphere is fun and pretty casual. Plus, Persado looks *great* on a resume. The service really does work (sometimes so well you have to assure the client the numbers are real) and you'll be on the cutting edge of content optimization.


    AI is at the center of Persado's marketing strategy... which means that new hires are in for a rude surprise when they discover that the actual amount of AI technology is negligible at best. Fortunately for some divisions (sales, HR, finance), they can drift blissfully though their time at the company without ever discovering that at all.

    The Operations side has it a little harder. On one hand, you're constantly having to try to live up to the high expectations of the clients' C-suites, who drank the AI kool-aid and are now expecting us to deliver the moon. (To be fair, they were promised the moon by the sales/marketing teams, who don't have the first clue that their spiel is mostly BS.) On the other hand, you also have to deal with clients' copywriting teams, who are terrified that robots are coming to steal their jobs and thus hate you by default.

    Now, the Persado system *works*, and the incredible results are real. But it's not because of AI or neural networks or some nebulous "machine". It works because there are some very smart people behind the scenes, using careful planning and clever data analysis to do a better job than any copywriter working off their gut instinct ever could.

    But most of the company doesn't know about those people, and the clients/general public *definitely* don't know about those people. Which means that the ones who are driving all the value for both Persado and its clients--the people providing the core service offered by the company--are a dirty little secret hidden behind vague talk about "the machine". It's demoralizing, dubiously ethical, and makes the job more difficult to boot.

    That's the major issue, but there are a handful of others. The pay isn't *terrible*, but it isn't all that great either, and from what I can gather isn't all that fairly distributed (there's a non-insignificant pay gap). Also, the company doesn't have clear career progression paths or L&D opportunities laid out. There's little to no trust in the CEO, probably because his attitude to any objection is "If the technology isn't exciting enough for you, there are other companies out there". (That's a direct quote from an all-hands meeting.) And the Operations team is struggling from a manpower shortage right now because quite a few of us took his advice.

    Granted, I'm not in Sales or HR or any of the other divisions of the company that would operate more or less the same regardless of the AI issue. I suspect that they probably have less existential angst about their careers. And there are some signs of improvement--management recently instituted a VTO policy after a lot of people complained about lacking meaning in their work, and they're finally working to standardize pay and create better career progression paths. So there is reason to hope that things will be getting better in the near future.

    I wouldn't count on them coming clean about the AI, though. They completely revamped the sales pitch a few months ago and if anything leaned into it even harder.

    Consejos para la Dirección

    Google "40% of AI startups don't use AI" and "xkcd 2173".

    Then stop telling people that we're an AI solution.

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  • DMA Innovation Awards(Digital Technology), DMA, 2014
  • CNBC Disruptor 50, CNBC, 2017
  • Retail Industry Leaders Association (R)Tech Retail CEO Innovation Award 2018, (R)Tech, 2018
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