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  • Dallas, TX
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  • 2013
  • Empresa privada
  • Procesamiento de transacciones financieras
  • Entre 25 y 100 millones (USD)


Onyx CenterSource is a leading global provider of B2B payments and business intelligence solutions to the hospitality industry. The company strives to build long-lasting relationships with its customers and is passionate about providing consultative insight and cost-effective ...

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Mark Dubrow
Mark Dubrow
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22 abr. 2022 - Account Director


Equipo, locación, teletrabajo, formación, aprendizaje.


No tiene muchas deventajas, es una buena empresa.
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  1. Entrevista de Customer Service Manager

    Empleado anónimo en Países Bajos
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    Envié una solicitud electrónica. Acudí a una entrevista en Onyx CenterSource (Países Bajos) en may. 2022


    Had a scheduled 15-minute first interview for a management position within Customer Service.

    After a very vague description of what the company does, the interviewer started asking me a list of pre-defined questions he had and that were already answered in my CV, such as where I live and who I was working for. These, added to the follow-up questions made it evident that he had not read my CV and was filling information up as the short meeting went, which is not what you would expect for an interview at this level. I was also asked to describe my experience in Customer Service leadership (6 years) in 5 minutes, which also doesn't speak well of this interview format.

    A salary range was not provided despite having asked for it, something I also consider uncommon.

    I would strongly recommend you to become more respectful of your candidates' time, specially if you're hiring for a leadership position. Some good ways to do this are providing more concrete information in your answers, reading your candidate's CV ahead of the interview and not during it, scheduling more than 15 minutes for an initial meeting with a candidate for a Manager role and providing basic information upfront via email that can save both parties' time.

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27 de febrero de 2019
Several colleagues from Dallas headquarters participated in Race for the Cure in October 2018.
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