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Poulsbo, WA (Estados Unidos)
De 51 a 200 empleados
Empresa privada
Publicidad y marketing
De 10 a 25 millones (EUR) por año


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  • «Great place to work»

    • Conciliación de la vida laboral y personal
    • Cultura y valores
    • Proyección profesional
    • Remuneración y beneficios
    • Dirección ejecutiva
    Exempleado - Account Manager en Poulsbo, WA (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - Account Manager en Poulsbo, WA (Estados Unidos)
    Valoración positiva del Director general

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    --Amazing Faith values of company
    --Privilege of working with amazing clients, making an impact through the work you do
    --Competitive salary and benefits
    --Great co-workers

    Masterworks was a great place to work, your career growth is entirely up to you. I left on good terms, and would recommend to a friend.

    Even the highest ranking people here genuinely care about your well being, and go out of their way to welcome you and get to know you even as an entry level position.
    They are willing to help train you, and mentor you beyond your role (upon your request) and open to helping you be the best you can be. They champion shows of initiative, critical thinking, and responsibility. It is a great opportunity for accelerated growth, and mentorship. I worked closely with several people much higher in rank than myself, all of which who were personal champions of my growth, skills, potential and personal life. I felt like they made personal sacrifices to help me get to be the best I could be, and cared about my life beyond work.

    I worked here for only 9 months before being promoted, and believe if I would have stayed longer I would have been promoted again soon. (Left Masterworks after total of 1 year 11 months.) That is a very fast growth journey for the client service department. My co-workers were champions of my growth, and treated me with respect and encouragement all along the way, even after my resignation notice.

    My reason for leaving was a desire to change career paths into the arts/creative department and out of client service. It was important to Masterworks that I enjoy my job, and the highest level staff even seriously considered creating a new role for me to be able to stay and perform the tasks I enjoyed most; ultimately it was not a role needed by the company at this time which is why I resigned.


    --Steep learning Curve to the job (This is also just the nature of the industry---but it takes a great amount of time to learn to do the job well. The plus side is that you learn a ton while here, and if you are someone who enjoys learning, is self sufficient, humble, willing to make mistakes and teach yourself, not easily discouraged, then this is an amazing opportunity and you will learn a ton of invaluable insight. If you are someone who needs really clear direction, help and outlined tasks/ hand holding, this atmosphere is not going to be good for you)

    --Ever going structural change (The company is constantly restructuring itself to try to adapt to the industry, and become more efficient. Although this is a good thing, it can create feelings of instability in the work place and for clients)

    --High turnover rate
     (there is a high turnover rate of staff which can contribute to a stressful atmosphere, and can cause some team members to have to lean in harder to help train and make up for those who were just hired)

    --Work life balance -- Many people complain(ed) of having little work life balance, working many hours of overtime, and complaining of feeling stressed out. However I did not experience this, I didn't work any more hours than I was comfortable with, and was never confronted by a manager about my typical 'only' 40-45 hours a week. I genuinely think if the people who have complained were more transparent about how they were feeling with their managers that Masterworks would work with them; and doesn't actually expect those massive work weeks. I think the problem is not that Masterworks expects overtime, it's that it allows overtime of those who are work a holics, who guilt themselves into more than they can handle until they burn out and just leave (which contributes to the turnover)

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    Phone Screen, followed by two on site interviews. Spoke to multiple levels of people in the organization. The offer came about two or three weeks following the first interview - overall a quick & pleasant process

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