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Toronto, ON (Canadá)
De 1001 a 5000 empleados
Alliance Data
Filial o segmento de negocio
Publicidad y marketing
De 1000 a 2000 millones (EUR) por año

Aimia, Points International, Rewards Network

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    «A reflection of the corporate world»

    • Conciliación de la vida laboral y personal
    • Cultura y valores
    • Proyección profesional
    • Remuneración y beneficios
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    Exempleado - Project Coordinator en Toronto, ON (Canadá)
    Exempleado - Project Coordinator en Toronto, ON (Canadá)
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    Incentives like bonuses, and Airmiles, good vacation, gym, some great, smart people


    Toxic, culture of fear, harassment from "high ups".

    Consejos para la Dirección

    I haven't worked at LoyaltyOne for a while. But it left an impression on me, deeply, as a corporation with the values of a bygone era, that I sincerely hope recent movements, both about women and people of colour, have changed the tone of this place. Obviously I won't go on here about the long list of scary things that went on here, but I will say its time to modernize, if you already haven't. I am hopeful that the new CEO has brought a new life to the place.

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Foto de LoyaltyOne de WeCloudData Meetup May 2018
Foto de LoyaltyOne de WeCloudData Meetup May 2018
Foto de LoyaltyOne de WeCloudData Meetup May 2018
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    Entrevista para Senior DevOps Engineer

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Toronto, ON (Canadá)
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    Solicité el puesto a través de un captador. El proceso duró una semana. Acudí a una entrevista en LoyaltyOne (Toronto, ON (Canadá)) en marzo de 2020.


    They proposed a challenge. All the guys in the DevOps team are very very white dudes and looks like that team has not women or minorities on it. The expectations of the team is that you have every technical detail ready on top of your mind. The difficulty of the challenge is overlook, meaning that presenting a good resolution to the challenge is not important to the team. Also looks like their expectation is that you spend some money deploying their challenge in an ecosystem that resembles theirs. The mindset and the tone during the whole interview was very "white Canadian" mindset .. you know what i mean..!

    Preguntas de entrevista

    • The Challenge

      Create an internet-facing web service accepting a single word and deriving all possible anagrams.


      1. Base the solution on a platform and language you are familiar with.
      2. Ensure that the solution is developed using a source control system.
      3. Provide adequate tests demonstrating that the solution is complete and correct.
      4. Utilize a mechanism for deploying the solution to the platform.
      5. Confirm that the solution is secured appropriately for public consumption.

      Follow-Up Discussion Items

      As part of the solution review, we’ll discuss the following items:

      1. A minor change in requirements will be proposed. Make the necessary changes, check-in the code and deploy.
      2. Describe how this solution might be monitored on a production platform, what are the key items to track?
      3. Your solution receives a ‘social media hug’ resulting in a sudden increase in utilization, how might you respond to this situation?   1 respuesta
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  • Best Employers in Canada, Aon, 2019
  • Canada's Greenest Employers, Mediacorp Canada, 2018
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