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  • Mountain View, CA
  • Más de 10 000 empleados
  • 1983
  • Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa) (INTU)
  • Desarrollo de software
  • De 5000 a 10 000 millones (USD)

CompetenciaBlock, PayPal, H&R Block
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Intuit is a global technology platform that helps our customers and communities overcome their most important financial challenges. We help give over 100 million consumer, small business and self-employed customers around the world the opportunity to prosper through products ...
Objetivo: Powering prosperity around the world

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Sasan Goodarzi
Sasan Goodarzi
2433 valoraciones

"Excelente empresa para el empleado"

20 oct. 2022 - Product Marketing Manager


Muy enfocado en el cliente y en el empleado, siempre innovando las formas de hacer las cosas y con una transparencia buena en los procesos


cerraron la oficina en mexico
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Diversidad e inclusión en Intuit

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Programas e iniciativas sobre diversidad

"For us to make the best decisions as an organization and to have the best debates, it’s important that a diversity of voices are heard. As we say at Intuit, diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice." - Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

At Intuit, our mission of powering prosperity around the world drives our commitment to diversity and inclusion, because this means employing a workforce that is as diverse as the customers we serve. This commitment starts at the very top. Our CEO Sasan signed the CEO Action Pledge in 2019, which demonstrate

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    Solicité el puesto a través de un captador. El proceso duró 2 meses. Acudí a una entrevista en Intuit (Estados Unidos)


    Ghosted by recruiter and hiring executive, despite Intuit's policy regarding an applicant being contacted in one to six days post interview. I was cold-contacted by a recruiter via LinkedIn regarding the role, and though I was initially not interested, I agreed to a short phone call with the recruiter so that I could develop a better understanding of the role (at her request). Having had my questions answered in our initial phone call/screen, I chose to proceed, and the recruiter presented my resume to the hiring executive. I was contacted very soon after to schedule an interview with the executive, and the recruiter remained in touch, contacting me every few days prior to the interview. The interview went well, though I felt I wasn't the right fit for the role given the extremely wide and varied experience they were searching for (financial security, artificial intelligence, data science, etc). I was told that the recruiter would follow up the following week once other scheduled interviews had been completed. Intuit's policy is that a recruiter will follow up within one to six days. I followed up with a short thank you email to the hiring manager, no response. I followed up with the recruiter 2-3 times over the next two months, no response. Unfortunately, at this point I had been ghosted. I only received a response when I finally reached out to the hiring executive and asked about the status of the role. While I received no response of any kind from the Intuit executive, I received a canned email from the recruiter almost immediately after advising that the role had been closed and another applicant hired. Given Intuit's heavy marketing towards the candidate experience, I was less than impressed with the actual process. At that level, being ghosted by a recruiter and a high-level executive (for more than a month no less) just isn't acceptable. I think Intuit needs to follow their stated candidate experience policies, even at the executive level. For the reasons noted above, I'll not interview with Intuit again.

    Standard questions, tell me about yourself, what are you proud of, etc. No technical or strategic questions of any kind.

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Noticias de la empresa

9 de noviembre de 2022
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Transparency in action: a word from Intuit's CEO - Sasan Goodarzi, on Intuit's corporate responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Shared image - Building a better future
Building a better future
2 de noviembre de 2022
If you’re wondering how to begin a career in the technical space or simply need support navigating your current tech journey, here is a list of some great resources.
Shared image - 6 tips to help you navigate your journey as a woman in tech
6 tips to help you navigate your journey as a woman in tech

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