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Atlanta, GA (Estados Unidos)
De 1001 a 5000 empleados
Empresa privada
Contratación de personal y externalización
De 1000 a 2000 millones (EUR) por año

TEKsystems, Apex Systems, Kelly

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    Exempleado - IT Recruiter en San Jose, CA (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - IT Recruiter en San Jose, CA (Estados Unidos)

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    Challenging position so you learn to work efficiently.
    If you do well, you can make a lot of money


    Well basically it's pretty bad. This is not a "5 star review", the only reason I rated it 5 stars is because when I accepted the job, I didn't see the bad reviews so I thought this company was a good. Once I was about 8 months in and truly fed up with Insight Global, I looked at the 1 star reviews figuring I couldn't be the only one and people wrote pages and pages of true bad reviews on Insight Global. A person on average quits every 1.5 weeks(we tracked it). Some of the account managers are pretty rude because they are doing so well and think they own the place but not all of them are rude. When you put in your two weeks, they let you go on the spot and I didn't get my two weeks pay, even though in the agreement that I signed said I would receive 2 weeks severance pay. They sell you on the fact that you get a 10k bump in pay after 6 months which is BS because once you turn salary you make less because you can't work overtime anymore(well you do work way over 8 hours but you just don't get paid more for it). You really do feel like a number here. The company itself makes a TON of money every single week yet we had to pay for our own Christmas and boat party. One Sales Manager in particular is bad and he makes a lot of people feel very uncomfortable, including myself. All in all, I would not make this your first choice. After this go to the lowest reviews, If you notice, a lot of the positive reviews are one to two sentences long and the lowest reviews are paragraphs long. If so many people actually raved about this company like they( college recruiters and upper management) say they do, it should show in the reviews. I really have no problem with hard work and long hours. It's how they treat people that I don't like. Health plans are pretty bad and they only match up to $250 dollars for your 401K. $250 is 2 grocery trips..

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    Short phone interview. I was asked if I was still searching for a job and what kind of jobs I’m looking for. Answered but the lady seemed to not understand what FORTRAN was or Comptia Sec+. Shortly after, the phone call ended. All I can say is, it’s becoming very annoying getting calls from this company.

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  • Largest IT Staffing Firms in America(#6), Staffing Industry Analysts, 2013
  • Fastest Growing IT Staffing Firms(#1), Staffing Industry Analysts, 2006
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