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Edmond, OK (Estados Unidos)
De 1001 a 5000�empleados
Filial o segmento de negocio
Procesamiento de transacciones financieras
De 2000 a 5000 millones (EUR) por año


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    «Residuals for Life is (unfortunately) a Lie»

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    People with little experience and/or training have the opportunity to make six-figure income.
    But if you have the education or experience to work in a real job with salary or at least a base, do that.


    I worked for Heartland for seven years under the "new" compensation plan. This review is written to address the issue of residuals.

    When I was recruited I was told by management up and down the chain-of-command that we had two options:
    1. You can sell your residuals back to Heartland for 30 months (2 1/2 years) worth of residuals in a lump sum.
    2. You can keep your merchants happy and receive lifetime residuals on your accounts - and that this option was a wonderful tool for college planning, retirement, etc. I once sat with Bob Carr at a managers' lunch when he commented that this second option was far more profitable for the employee.

    These options were also held up as an excuse for Heartland's lower-than-industry residuals.

    When I became a manager, I was trained to recruit by presenting the residuals as life-long as well. "As long as a merchant stays with Heartland, you receive residuals - whether or not you were working with Heartland." That is the beauty of the retirement idea.

    I went into semi-retirement in late 2013. I ran the numbers and made my decision based on the decent-but-not-stellar residuals for which I had worked long and hard. Just over a year later Heartland sold all of these residual back to me without my permission or signature - which means that in two years I lose my retirement safety net.

    Let me be clear. I did not leave Heartland for another processing or payroll company. I semi-retired into the education sector. I have been honorable and impeccably honest with Heartland. I wish I could say the same for the company that claims to follow its "Salesperson's Bill of Rights."

    I'm not naive and have some experience in the world of financial planning. I can say definitively that had I known Heartland would break its word, I would have made different choices during and and at the twilight of my employment.

    Consejos para la Dirección

    Tell the truth:
    1. Be careful what you promise.
    2. Deliver what you promise.
    3. Deliver what you promise - ESPECIALLY when it's inconvenient for you. That's when it counts.

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    Very manageable. Interviewer clearly new what was needed on candidate and asked directed questions towards that. Interview was based on character matching, not experience matching. Felt as though this company understood that experience isn't the end all be all and was willing to listen and understand why you might be successful without experience.

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