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Scottsdale, AZ (Estados Unidos)
De 5001 a 10 000 empleados
Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa) (GDDY)
De 2000 a 5000 millones (EUR) por año

Network Solutions, Weebly, Endurance International Group

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    Exempleado - Business Consultant en Tempe, AZ (Estados Unidos)
    Exempleado - Business Consultant en Tempe, AZ (Estados Unidos)
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    - Mostly well meaning people to work with.
    - Free coffee that was pretty good quality
    - Health care benefits
    - Taco/coffee trucks outside

    **Used to**
    Payout better, have more cool perks like cheap cafeteria food, time to play foosball, mini golf or air hockey, have awesome Christmas parties, money prizes, etc.


    Okay, here's a quick inside look run down of many things that went wrong...
    GoDaddy **was** awesome when I started, but really went down hill over the 2 years while I was there and is getting way too greedy. It used to be a really fun job where employees were happy and a great happy work environment and that lead to pleasant customer experiences. Customers were a lot happier and it made consulting enjoyable as you could build rapport with people. GoDaddy shareholders bit off more than they could chew this year though and it made for short conversations with customers, less personable, longer hours and more about just making sales and hitting quota many times requiring overtime. It really stressed people out and makes the customer feel like we just want their money because we have quota to hit for the day. It really stank too because they cut our monthly pay % and made it harder and harder to reach payout tiers for a livable wage. Towards the end, I was making about 2k less per month than when I started. Instead of just paying us what we earned, they would "reward" us with cop out door prizes and pizza parties, which consisted of getting a piece of pizza and getting right back to work. Which is lame and sneaky. Also, good luck changing your shift or moving to another department in a reasonable time period. I was a top performer and tried to move 5 times and was only able to move once.
    - Too many Kool-aid drinkers and passive employees/managers too scared to speak up for the customer/employees.
    - Terrible communication between upper, mid management and HR all have horrible communication between each other. Meetings were almost always very short noticed and cut into our already stressful day.
    - Constant stress, several people around me were often going to the doctor and having health/anxiety issues because of this (thank god for good health care). This contributed to the already somewhat high turnover rate.
    - Felt helpless in my position/unable to really help the customer. I often sided with the customer as GoDaddy is far too overpriced for what you get and helped the customer even though it might come out of my pocket.
    - Questionable business practices. Very slight of hand and bait and switch company policies both for the customer and employees. They aren't outright dishonest with you, but they keep you in the dark just enough to not tell you a lot of things and then you're to blame because you didn't know the things they didn't tell you, so you end up paying the price. Literally. But that gives them the scapegoat, so you can't win. Didn't appreciate the sneakiness. I work here, who do you think you're fooling?
    - This lead to several gas lighting incidents. One day the answer was X and the next week it was Z, but then if you tried to bring it up and say wait a second, the answer used to be X, they'd say no it's always been Z. It was always the employees fault, never GoDaddy and that really annoyed me they wouldn't take responsibility for their faults.
    - Half of my calls everyday were furious customers or customers wanting to move their stuff to another company, which ate up a lot of my time and really stressed me and others out because we had quota to hit. Whereas when I started my first year, I'd get maybe 1-2 bad calls a day.
    - I just became a number. Screwed a few of my other top performing coworkers and that was really the straw that broke the camel's back for me. When a company quits taking care of it's employees, the employees stop taking care of the customers and I didn't think it was fair to myself or the customer, so I left.

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    I stuck it out for as long as I could stomach it, but you've burned a lot of good employees and loyal longtime customer and it's not cool. Take care of your long term customers. Quit being greedy and trying to pull the wool over the employee/customers eyes. You keep looking for more and more opportunities to cut the fat off the bone and it stresses out the employee. In my time there I ended up working 2x as hard and making less. Stop acting like you're doing your employees a favor by paying them and stop charging people so much for nonsense or using bait and switch techniques to rope people in and forcing them to have to stay with you. You consistently over promise and under deliver and it spills over into everything. I don't know what happened, GoDaddy. You used to be a great place to work, now you're just a call center that feels like a call center. Like I said, when the employee isn't happy, don't expect the customer to be. Happy customers buy things and happy employees stay loyal. I really hope the new CEO turns you around.

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    Had a phone interview that was very conversational! The in-person interview was with a couple different people with general questions. Next you move on to a work product and show them your skills. Not bad overall!

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  • Bay Area Top Work Places, San Jose Mercury News, 2014
  • Exceptional Customer Service, Stevie® Awards, 2017
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