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  • 2015
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Glovo is a Barcelona-based startup and the fastest-growing delivery player in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. With food at the core of its business, Glovo delivers any product within your city at any time of day. We currently deliver over 100M+ annual orders and operate in 25 ...
Objetivo: To give everyone easy access to anything in their city

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23 de enero de 2023
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Did you apply for a job or are you thinking of applying? Once you’ve been hired, we will welcome you with open arms. This is what you can expect in your first week at Glovo. At Glovo, the main goal of our onboarding is to make you feel more connected to the company and its values as well as our ways of working. In our best efforts to avoid confusion, frustration, and a lack of engagement, we revamped our Onboarding experience, elevating the bar to meet the expectations of our new colleagues.
Shared image - Your first days at Glovo - Glovo Careers
Your first days at Glovo - Glovo Careers
23 de enero de 2023
Welcome to Yellow Park! Our goal with our new HQ was to create a space where we can foster our company culture and support the diversity of our workforce. Every floor of our new office will be dedicated to a certain region that we operate in and our meeting rooms are named after cities of the different countries where Glovo has found a home. As a space that was built for employees, it was also created with their cooperation in mind from day 1. From the ground floor up, Yellow Park is filled with collaborative spaces and informal areas that will promote collaboration and flexibility among colleagues. As a real campus, there will also be an inner courtyard where Glovo employees can interact and be a part of the neighborhood. Our ground floor will be opened to the street as well, adding value to the city that saw us grow into what we are today.
Shared image - Office Tours: Yellow Park - Glovo Careers
Office Tours: Yellow Park - Glovo Careers

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Muy buen rollo de los companeros. La empresa premia y da responsabilidad al ver una persona que performa asi que hace crecer mucho y rapido.


Quizas aun que no lo sea mas parece que sigua un poco con un rollo de start-up y parece no tener demasiada estabilidad
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We value colleagues that reflect the richness of the world we operate in, to build the best products that meet the needs of all our users. So, no matter who you are, we want to bring you into Glovo and lift you up!

We have the ambition and responsibility to be a role model company by creating environments, systems, and processes that provide equal opportunity for everyone, both inside and outside of Glovo.

Our Employee Resource Groups:

Colours of Glovo: Colours of Glovo strives to become a force of change towards the mosaic of race, culture, and ethnicity within our community by fostering a safe and inclusive space as well as providin

Volunteering activity - Glovo Ghana

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    Overall a long, time consuming and chaotique process It took 2 months from initial screening to outcome. Evaluation was mainly on tech & mgm ... to ultimately tell me I succeed at both tech & mgmt ... but my background profile doesn't fit any open position in the company (HR struggle at providing factual reasons)(this should have been detected from day 1 or the process should have been canceled if the possible position was closed during the process) Most all meetings went in the opposite way the HR announced: - technical interview turned to behavioural interviews and vice versa, - home work test review never happen and turned into general tech interview (I could have submitted the work from somebody else ... they wouldn't had spot it) - long time to confirm interviewer Take home test was time consuming but not challenging (a bit boring actually)(questions I raised after receiving the assignment weren't answered) Discussions with engineers were interesting and company 's software/data culture the looks good.

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