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Berlín (Alemania)
De 51 a 200�empleados
Empresa privada
Procesamiento de transacciones financieras
De 1 a 5 millones (EUR) por año


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  • «The best job I've had as an adult»

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    Empleado actual - Backend Engineer en Berlín (Alemania)
    Empleado actual - Backend Engineer en Berlín (Alemania)
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    1. mature people: i have yet to feel like i need to play office politics or do any song and dance routines for anyone, ever. People are laid back, take their job seriously (without being weirdly obsessed with it) and respond like adults to criticism

    2. functional processes: unlike most startups i've worked at, it doesn't feel like the processes here are taken directly from the latest volume of "startups for dummies" - instead, they seem to be anchored in experience and practices which work for the teams using them.

    3. reasonable policies: i can take holiday or work from home without feeling guilt-tripped (explicitly or subtly) about it.

    4. actual culture: this is a mix of #1 and #2 in my my experience it has been a drama-free work environment and i don't feel like i'm being asked to participate in some kind of social experiment / reality tv show in exchange for a wage. It's entirely unforced.

    None of the points i mentioned should be shocking but alas...

    On top of that, the product is sound and everyone from customers to investors seem satisfied.


    Maybe this is an elaborate hoax and at some point the curtains will be swept back to reveal the normal startup hellscape...but i don't see it.

    One time there was no toilet paper in the bathroom...does that count?

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    Entrevista para Ruby On Rails Developer

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Varsovia (Polonia)
    Sin oferta
    Experiencia negativa
    Entrevista normal


    Solicité el puesto a través de un captador. El proceso duró 3 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Finiata (Varsovia (Polonia)) en octubre de 2018.


    Really pleasant meeting with Head of Development in their office. I thought everything went well, they told me to give me answer till the end of the week. I was waiting almost 3 weeks. During the waiting time I asked some more technical questions to the person I had the interview with and he was responding almost right away. But in terms of recruitment process I haven't received ANY feedback from Finiata - the only person who contacted me was headhunter through I applied for the job. I was constantly deceived that they are waiting from final confirmation from company HQ. After ~ 2 weeks headhunter told me that they have final acceptance and I will be meeting the team soon. After another couple of days of silence the headhunter told me that company decided that they don't have budget for this position at the moment (even there were job ads on every job portal). I haven't received any email or anything with apology from the company for the time I wasted.

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    • They asked mainly what I was doing in my previous companies, my experience with optimizing Ruby.   Responder pregunta
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