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Estocolmo, Stockholm (Suecia)
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    «A company who lost itself»

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    Exempleado - Designer en Estocolmo, Stockholm (Suecia)
    Exempleado - Designer en Estocolmo, Stockholm (Suecia)
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    The salary is okay. Before EPIC, Embark and Ubisoft opened up in Stockholm I would guess DICE was paying the highest salaries in the Swedish games industry.

    The engine looks beautiful and there is a lot of neat things you can do, especially if you are an artist.

    At the company there are some good benefits. These range from 30 minute massage once every third week, a stock bonus program and flexible working hours.

    The office is good, it's fresh and feels new although it's a bit of pain to navigate because everything feels the same.

    Many of the colleagues are really competent at what they do and very friendly.


    There is a lot of shadow crunching going on. Typically, you are not "forced" to work but no one else is going to do your work for you so if you are not on deadline that will reflect bad on you, even if the deadline is completely unrealistic.

    Most of the time the tools are broken and they are a hassle to debug. A lot of times something breaks and it can take several hours to get fixed. You never know if you made something wrong locally or if something with the engine/editor itself is broken.

    The pipeline is messy at times and very unorganised. People can add or remove things without your knowledge because there is a lack of communication between stakeholders and no one is held responsible.

    Too often middle management and company leadership is bottlenecking production with vague ideas or goals. Some decisions make zero sense and hurt the overall production and no one is held responsible if it doesn't work.

    There resides an arrogance in the company, based on historical achievements from previous games in the earlier DICE era. This is toxic and is often used as a morale booster when things go sour in the community.

    Art trumps gameplay every day of the week. Always.

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    Take better care of your employees.
    Promote people who delivers.
    Listen to your community and customers.
    Listen to your staff, they are the hired professionals.

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    Met onsite with two progammers that were involved in the recruitment process. We walked to a meeting room and we started discussing the code that I had submitted before the interview. Fair questions but not so good answers from me.

    During the complete meeting it was obvious that they were playing a game to see if they could get me to lose my temper. They were both very rude and critical, and not at all interested in anything but the code that I has submitted, neither were they interested in presenting their company or trying to make it an interesting place to work.

    I never heard from them again and I never got in touch with them again either. This is by far the worst interview experience that I've ever had.

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