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Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
De 201 a 500�empleados
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Software empresarial y soluciones de red
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    «A place for bullies»

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    Empleado actual - Business Analyst en Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
    Empleado actual - Business Analyst en Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    Cognifide's best asset is the people it attracts. Unfortunately, it is misguided in what behaviour it rewards and what behaviour it punishes.


    Having seen that some Glassdoor reviews have been taken down (by Cognifide rather than the posters) I felt obliged to put out some information which is not being accurately represented by the reviews remaining.

    Who should work at Cognifide?

    If you are a collaborative team player, if you are willing to put your ego aside, if you are willing to help others develop their skills and career even if it means you don't get all the credit, you will not progress at this company.

    If you are hugely ambitious, even at the cost of others and are willing to take credit for the work of many, if you see mentoring/line management as a status symbol rather than a responsibility, if you are willing to turn on the people who have helped you, you will do well in this company, so long as you don't anger the wrong people.

    The offices

    Cognifide has long struggled with a divide between its two offices. It has never managed this well and it has escalated to all-out war. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you will have a candidate rejected, a pay rise blocked or even training cancelled. UK HR sits beneath PL HR and is hamstrung by the strict rules and processes imposed.


    Training and progression is essentially frozen while the company tries to keep up with its unrealistic targets. Highly trained people are punished for being on the bench, when they have no control over what projects they are placed on. Recently, a number of very intelligent people have been committed to 6 months of low skill content entry on client site.

    Cognifide asks that their people put their progression and learning on hold for below-market pay and no training which might otherwise fill the gap. It asks their people to keep their heads down and not complain, all the while rewarding those who fight and scream for what they want.


    It is not coincidence that this behaviour is only rewarded in young, white men. If you are aggressive, women and men receive completely different feedback. A woman will be told that she is making enemies. A non-white man will be patted on the head and sidelined. A white man will be promoted. You only need to look at the gender gap in many departments to see this in place. A very senior woman was made to step down from the board after having dedicated years to the company, because she was constantly having to fight battles and supposedly "made enemies".

    There are departments where women make up less than 20%. A graduate was recently removed from the graduate scheme, being elevated to a position he should not have gotten to for several more months. It is not a coincidence that the person who was elevated was a white man. The team he was added to is 100% white men. Men can sexually harass junior women and nothing will be done. In fact, women tend to receive the blame for having been involved.

    Should you join?

    I said above that the best asset Cognifide has is its people. The problem is, these people are leaving in droves. If you are interviewing at Cognifide, unless you are very individualistic, I'd steer clear.

    Consejos para la Dirección

    It is not the fault of the junior to mid weight members that you are not going to hit your targets. Stop punishing people for things out of their control.

    Really take an introspective look at your company. There is an imbalance, both based on gender and race. You may think the criticism is unfair, but if you were really going to look into the details of many situations over the last few years, I think you'd see it differently. Choosing not to see the problems does not mean they are resolved.

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    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    El proceso duró Más de 3 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Cognifide (Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)).


    CV screening, Skype interview, at home task to complete then assessment day with group and individual tasks and written test.

    Rating it as negative as the process was very long and required a lot of time and effort investment and the company never bother to inform me weather I was accepted or rejected (let alone give feedback). The task was to basically refund a website. After whole day of tasks and test I never heard back from them.

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