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At Chevron, we are relentlessly focused on producing safe, reliable energy now and for the future. How are we doing it? By applying the energy we have most in abundance: Human Energy.

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Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth
Mike Wirth
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    Drilling Engineer
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    Houston, TX
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    Above average compensation. Not on high end, not on low. May fall within 75th percentile, something along those lines. Majority of peers are decent work mates. Emphasis on behaviours within the work place. Does not necessarily reward cut throat behavior or results if results are acheived from steam rolling people or chopping others down at the knees. Chevron is a long term play or a stepping stone for young graduates. Won't get rich quick, but if playing the marathon game will be a lucrative career so long as you're flexible in job positions you are willing take and locations you are willing to relocate. Chevron values people and behaviours, and it overall has been a great experience thus far as turnover is minimal so those very relationships develop further over time. Time will tell whether that brings great value, but history shows relationships do.


    Initially hired on with hopes and dreams of going internationally as an engineer. Those opportunities are fewer and farther between, with only a select few getting the opportunity. The opportunities, for most folks, come down to timing of when a job is available and if you've served long enough in your current role (say minimum of 3 years) to "post" for the job. There are pre-determined time periods you must stay in a job role before applying to another position. Not as simple as talking to a hiring manager and proving you can perform on their team, but have to wait formally for spring and fall job openings and align with your current supervisor to apply. The highly coveted jobs have a large pool of applicants, so it's naturally very competitive. Once folks do get an overseas job, they compete that much stronger for additional overseas jobs and the cycle continues. Hard to break in, much harder than it was in 2010 - 2013 when folks with 5 years of experience could kickstart their international career.

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      Very friendly, listened well, answered questions thoroughly. They talked about their past experiences very well in a relatable way. I would interview again. They were very transparent about what they wanted from an employee and didn't waste my time.

      Talk about a time I faced difficulty.

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    • Employees' Choice -50 Best Places to workGlassdoor2013
    • Employees’ Choice - 50 Best Places to WorkGlassdoor2012

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