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París (Francia)
Más de 10 000 empleados
Empresa privada (cotiza en bolsa)
Software empresarial y soluciones de red
De 5000 a 10 000 millones (EUR) por año
Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building ... Leer más

Objetivo: Our Mission: with you, we create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want

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  • ¡Tenemos chic@s nuevos en la oficina! Bienvenidos a todos los compañeros que recientemente se han incorporado a la oficina de Capgemini en Madrid. ¿Te gustaría unirte a nosotros? Consulta las ofertas de empleo que tenemos abiertas aquí:

    Búsqueda de empleo en consultoría, transformación digital y tecnología informática

    ¿Buscas empleo en una consultora tecnológica? Encuentra aquí las ofertas de trabajo que actualmente ofrece Capgemini

  • Capgemini y Fundación Adecco crean un espacio para la “inclusión digital” en Madrid

    Capgemini y Fundación Adecco crean un espacio para la "inclusión digital" en Madrid

    Esta iniciativa forma parte del proyecto #EmpleoParaTodos, que la Fundación Adecco lleva a cabo de la mano de empresas comprometidas con la inclusión laboral de personas con discapacidad. Capgemini y Fundación Adeccohan presentado juntos la sala de formación Capgemini dentro del Proyecto #EmpleoParaTodos de la Fundación Adecco.

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Capgemini – ¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries. The Group reported 2018 global revenues of EUR 13.2 billion.

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients' opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms.

Our leadership in technology consulting is built on a foundation that fosters a people culture, emphasizes values and ethics above anything else and engaging the community around us.  

  • Values & EthicsIt’s about who we are and the way we do business. We embrace our core values of honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, solidarity, modesty and fun. Our rigorous Code of Business Ethics underpins our business practices, procurement behaviors and employee welfare policies.
  • Environmental SustainabilityWe have a deep and measured understanding of our impact on the environment. We are working to reduce our impact on the natural environment from energy, business travel and waste. We raise employee awareness on critical issues in sustainable development.
  • Community EngagementWe strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and operate.To do so, we work with local, national and international charities, NGOs and authorities on topics such as inclusivity and skills for the future. We support and encourage our employees to actively participate in community development.
  • People CultureWe aim to be the employer of choice for people who wish to flourish in a creative and diverse environment. As a responsible and inclusive employer, we focus on the professional development and well being of all our employees, with respect and value for their diversity. We ensure that our business practices and facilities empower delivery excellence.
  • Client ServicesOur clients benefit from our deep understanding of sustainability and our world-class business transformation capabilities. We incorporate customer dialogue and feedback to ensure long-lasting value and tangible results.





We have always placed an exceptionally strong focus on recruiting and sustaining a talented and diverse pool of extraordinary people. Our People Charter lays the foundation for a corporate culture and long-term working environment that invite you to call us home.



Working to Keep the Best Talent

With more than 130,000 employees in 44 countries representing 120 nationalities, we’re proud of our cultural diversity. Our differences guide our innovation and inspiration which is why we see diversity and inclusion as both a strategic advantage and an ongoing opportunity.

That’s why as a bright and creative individual, you’re a valuable asset to whichever company you choose. At Capgemini, we’re proud to call you a team member and we aim to create an environment in which you will grow and thrive.

 Diversity and Inclusion

Our People Charter sets out our commitments to:

  • Respect differences: our support for your individuality is strongly reflected in our corporate responsibility and diversity initiatives
  • Fair performance management: we evaluate your performance based on what you do and how you do it
  • Career management: we support clear career progression and the flexibility for you to develop in a wide variety of roles through our Career & Competency Framework
  • Learning and development: we provide you with the tools to succeed, including Capgemini University e-learning and on-campus training modules
  • Rewards and recognition: we acknowledge achievements that boldly exemplify our shared values to deliver outstanding results
  • Professional networks: we promote thought leadership and knowledge sharing across the team through professional communities and digital communication platforms
  • Communication and employee engagement: we encourage sharing among colleagues and formal two-way dialogue between employees and management. Digital platforms such as global and regional intranets, and our internal social media platform, underpin most of our internal communications  
  • Health, safety and wellbeing: we provide a healthy and safe working environment and programs that encourage work-life balance

Hear what our teams have to say about life at Capgemini.

Our Seven Values

Seven shared values have been at the heart of Capgemini since our formation. These values influence the way we meet client needs while respecting the regulatory requirements of each country in which we operate, and the way we promote ethically sound practices within Capgemini and in our partnerships.

HONESTY, loyalty, integrity, uprightness, a complete refusal to use any underhanded method to help win business or gain any kind of advantage. Neither growth, nor profit nor independence have any real worth unless they are won through complete honesty and probity. And everyone in the Group knows that any lack of openness and integrity in our business dealings will be penalized at once.
BOLDNESS, which implies a flair for entrepreneurship, and a desire to take considered risks and show commitment (naturally linked to a firm determination to uphold one’s commitments). This is the very soul of competitiveness: firmness in making decisions or in forcing their implementation, an acceptance periodically to challenge one’s orientations and the status quo. Boldness also needs to be combined with a certain level of prudence and a particular clear sightedness, without which a bold manager is, in reality, merely dangerously reckless.

TRUST, meaning the willingness to empower both individuals and teams; to have decisions made as close as possible to the point where they will be put into practice. Trust also means giving priority, within the company, to real openness toward other people and the widest possible sharing of ideas and information.

FREEDOM, which means independence in thought, judgment and deeds, and entrepreneurial spirit, creativity. It also means tolerance, respect for others, for different cultures and customs: an essential quality in a Group of over 200,000 people of around 120 different nationalities.

FUN, means feeling good about being part of the company or one’s team, feeling proud of what one does, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency, feeling part of a challenging project.

MODESTY, that is simplicity, the very opposite of affectation, pretension, pomposity, arrogance and boastfulness. Simplicity does not imply naivety (simple does not mean simpleton!); it is more about being discreet, showing natural modesty, common sense, being attentive to others and taking the trouble to be understood by them. It is about being frank in work relationships, loosening up, having a sense of humor.

TEAM SPIRIT, meaning solidarity, friendship, fidelity, generosity, fairness in sharing the benefits of collective work; accepting responsibilities and an instinctive willingness to support common efforts when the storm is raging.

At Capgemini, we are proud to be taking strong steps to contribute to a Positive Planet. Our environmental sustainability strategy is all about reducing our own environmental impacts against ambitious targets, building business resilience against climate change and supporting our clients with their sustainability challenges. We are committed to cutting our carbon emissions and were one of the first companies in our sector to have our carbon reduction target validated by the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi). Our headline target is to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% per employee by 2020 and 30% by 2030.

Between 2015, when we first established our targets and set our baseline, and the end of 2018, we made strong progress. We have reduced our overall carbon emissions per employee by 18.5%. In fact, our performance has contributed to the global Group accomplishing its 2020 sustainability goal 2 years ahead of schedule.

Our carbon footprint in North America is driven primarily by emissions from business travel, which comprises eighty percent or our overall emissions. To tackle this challenge, we focused on partnering with our business leaders to reduce the amount of traveling necessary to perform the work we do for our clients. Our business has changed in numerous ways over the last few years. Strong revenue growth in North America has enabled us to grow our workforce, while also investing in virtual collaboration technologies and great facilities that enable our workforce to excel at working virtually. Our focus on customer-centricity has led to the establishment of large, locally based accounts. And last but not least, our finance leaders have driven a focus on cost sensitivity and higher margins. This work has enabled us to reduce our emissions from business travel by over 15% per employee since 2015. Meeting our goals requires us to practice discipline and further reduce our non-billable travel. We must also look to the future and work to position ourselves as true champions of digital by focusing on effectively delivering projects with a distributed, remote project team.

In addition to business travel, we have reduced our energy consumption per employee in our offices by 16.5%, despite continuing expansion into further sites and markets. It’s taken a great amount of effort by our site administrators and Corporate Real Estate leaders, as well as all our employees, to establish and maintain our ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management system, which has been a key tool in improving our energy efficiency and waste management processes. We established environmental criteria for the selection of new facilities, and work with our landlords to make sure we receive the highest possible value from our leases. We implemented lighting schedules and automatic on-off switches for our lights wherever possible and post switch-off messaging everywhere else.

Finally, over the past two years, we’ve been making a concerted effort to engage with our employees on sustainability. We launched our Positive Planet program and began a quarterly webinar series to spread the message about our accomplishments, challenges, and other topics related to business, technology, and the environment. We also hosted the first ever Green Futures Hackathon, in partnership with our Millennial Innovation Council (MIC) and Community Action, Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability (CARES) Employee Resources Groups. In the coming years, we’ll continue to engage more of our employee in our efforts and leverage their passion for sustainability help meet our goals.

We as a company continue to strive for creating a more positive planet for ourselves and the clients and communities we serve.


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    Empleado actual - Account Executive en Madrid
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  • Top 50 Employers for Women, The Times, 2013
  • India’s Ideal Employers, Universum, 2013
  • Leaders Quadrant for SAP Application Management Service Providers, Worldwide, Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2012
  • Top 25 - India's Best Companies to Work for, Business Today, 2015
  • World's Most Ethical Companies, Ethisphere Institute, 2016
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