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Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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Software y hardware informático
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    Empleado actual - Anonymous en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
    Empleado actual - Anonymous en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    At Audio Analytic you can fully apply your skills to solve challenging technical problems. You would be working with a very competent group of people (who are also really nice and enthusiastic about what they do). Audio Analytic is creating cutting-edge sound recognition technology. Perfect place for audio lovers.
    Management listens to the teams and makes improvements based on their needs.


    Of course, you will not find the same resources as in a big company, but we improve every day thanks to everyone's contribution.

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    Entrevista para Software Engineer

    Candidato de entrevista anónimo en Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
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    Solicité el puesto a través de un captador. El proceso duró 4 semanas. Acudí a una entrevista en Audio Analytic (Cambridge, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)) en febrero de 2015.


    The first step was a multiple choice questionnaire (not timed): Questions regarding C programming, data types, and some basic algorithms.

    The second step was a coding test: Implement a K-means clustering algorithm in C and submit the source code. The algorithm was already described, but the test was to take data input from a file, cluster it and output another file with the corresponding cluster assignment for each data point in the input file

    The third step was a face to face interview: Talk about previous experience and some technical and logical questions.

    Preguntas de entrevista

    • How do you list the contents of a directory in linux?   1 respuesta
    • How do you find the largest file in a directory?   2 respuestas
    • How do you find all the text files that contain the word "filter"   1 respuesta
    • You have 7 balls and one is slightly heavier that the others, you have a penny balance, what's the minimum number of pennies you have to spend to find out which ball is heavier.   1 respuesta
    • How many golf balls fit in a train carriage?   1 respuesta
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Premios y reconocimientos de Audio Analytic

  • Consumer Electronics Technology Award, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards, 2014
  • Silicon Fen – 10 Companies From Cambridge To Watch In 2015, StrategyEye, 2015
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