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Foto de  de: WFH employee cosplay contests are getting even better
Foto de  de: To be honest, most of our team meetings are like this...
Foto de  de: Celebrating your five year service award: Work from Home Edition
Foto de  de: We encourage working with your best friends. Just ask Madi and Arlo
Foto de  de: A variety of classes, interests and groups help you make new friends and learn new things
Foto de  de: Year-round great weather in Orange Country means a lot of outdoor options for employees
Foto de  de: Blizzard Academy offers a ton of classes to help employees level up and get creative
Foto de  de: Our annual Halloween Costume Contest only continues to grow...
Foto de  de: Working in comfort!
Foto de  de: Wellness programs and initiaves ancourage employees to get up and move around!
Foto de  de: Sign up for a variety of classses in our Moonwell dojo
Foto de  de: Ply your craft in a collaborative culture
Foto de  de: Even the hallways are epic in the Blizzard Shanghai office
Shanghái (China)
Foto de  de: Employee Library
Foto de  de: Conference room in the Cork office!
Cork (Irlanda)
Foto de  de: Office Entrance
Cork (Irlanda)
Foto de  de: #blizzlife
Irvine (Estados Unidos)
Foto de  de: Blizzard Entertainment Europe
Versalles (Francia)
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