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Intel Corporation
A un PTD Module and Integration Yield Engineer le preguntaron...27 de octubre de 2022

tell me an example of you have a conflict with your PI or coworkers

Intel Corporation

Most technical questions related to the position and questions related to your cv

Micron Technology

Q: Introduce yourself Q: Talk about your work experience/knowledge of semiconductor devices. Q: Do you need sponsorship for your H1-B visa? Q: Do you have an anticipation for the salary?

Micron Technology

MOSFET, BJT, CMOS process and N well process

Intel Corporation

Semiconductor fabrication process flow yield analysis trouble shooting

Intel Corporation

Suppose there is a unit has some issues, how are you going to solve it (drew a scheme to explain the unit)

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Analyze the problem step-by-step.

Cirrus Logic

What role will be on foundry management?

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KPI weekly review and 8D skill on excursion

Intel Corporation

How do you expect your time at the company would be spent on a average day?

Microchip Technology

mosfet wierd data analysis questions. shared screen, showed some pictures of a heat map and a graph.


Please tell us something about you and your project?

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