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A un Workforce Management Analyst le preguntaron...27 de julio de 2009

Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a boss?

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I informed my boss about my concerns and we talked through it.


Tell me about your last position. What was your most challenging duties?

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I explained my duties in detail.


A staff member calls you on a Thursday requesting their birthday off, which is this weekend. You are already short staffed this weekend and the staff member is asking at the last minute. What do you answer?

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Unfortunately we will not be able to approve the last minute request. We may have been able to approve if it was asked with more notice but given the short notice and the present staffing situation we cannot approve at this time. Menos


What systems did I use. Pretty much regular workforce analyst questions. Questions about my experience in managing call real time, experience with IEX,, Excel , Adhoc Reporting, CMS Supervisor. I have also conducted a 1:1 interview with a workforce analyst employee and ask them to just talk to me about WFM and what they have done in the past to see if they are know what they are talking about.

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I answered the questions very easily because I had experience in all areas, The actual team does not know about much about workforce management, Menos


Tell me your greatest weakness?

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Anything that I vew as a weakness I try to trun into a strength


Give a detailed explanation of all that is involved with WFM

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WFM is a mixture of Human Resources and Operations Management. Using historical ACD data. the analyst can forecast the number of erlangs needed to sufficiently cover each interval. Trends should then be taken into consideration, and after the data is normalized, the analyst will account for shrinkage and adjust forecast as necessary. WHM Analysts also track adherence to schedule, AHT, the SLAs of various campaigns or skill sets and adjust schedules as needed. They also monitor CSR call outs and make decisions on granting PTO. Another responsibility is to coordinate with team leads and senior management to elicit feedback on unexpected trends, or to grant coaching or training if the SLA is too high. Once coaching and training opportunities have been covered, an analyst can offer VTO (voluntary time off) to CSRs to save money on payroll. Menos


Describe a time when you were met with a challenge? How did you solve the business problem?

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I mentioned an example of an AHT reduction initiative that had to be met by the end of year. Then described my role and contributions in the project. Menos


How would I fix a certain scenario issue.

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I provided the best answer possible.


How would you handle having to say no to a member of upper management?

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I would try to position alternative options and avoid giving a hard no, if possible. If not, I would kindly let them know the reasoning behind the decision. Menos

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What are some of your weaknesses

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Organizational skills, always looking to make improvements.

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