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Morgan Olson
A un Warehouse Material Handler le preguntaron...12 de enero de 2021

was i looking for long term career job opps, or just for making some money?

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Told her was there for little while depending on job experiences and that my future plans were to go somewhere and drive semi after recieving CDL. and then she informed me that was an open possibility for me at Morgan Olson if i was interested. And she would help me. Menos

Lowe's Home Improvement

How do you keep yourself motivated during extended periods of doing repetitive motions?

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I can appreciate the work I do by looking at the outcomes it produces


if you saw a manger taking product out of warehouse what would you do

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Report the thief

GVA Lighting

The interview went 'well'....she asked me: why did I apply here, what were my long-term goals in life and company, have you heard about our company, then we went on for a few minutes talking about basic life daily movements, family and the usual other simple blah blah blah!

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I answered: i applied because I heard many great things about this company and I wish to become a professional member of this well-known and heard company. My long-term goals are to be successful in life and with this company, I am looking for CAREER minded longevity path...and not just a job. Then we went on to talk about other BLAH BLAH BLAH's. Menos

Genesis Logistics

Are you physically capable of lifting 40lbs by yourself?

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They asked questions beginning with "think of a time when. . . and how did this benefit you or what was the outcome"

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I took experiences from my previous jobs to answer these.


Why should Beech Nut hire me

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Because I’m dependable and miss no time


How would you handle yourself if you had a dispute with another employee?

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I would try to solve the issue with the employee so we could continue on with our work. Menos

Tractor Supply

What did you like about your last job?

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How do did handle a conflict between you and another co worker?

Volt Information Sciences

Consistency in attention to detail and also punctuality

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Self-motivated dependable and always on time and the team play who loves challenges and lots of energy Menos

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