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Thrive Life
A un Warehouse Clerk le preguntaron...8 de octubre de 2018

Where have you previously worked, and warehouse experience. how can we use you to better our department and how well do you work with others. do you work better by yourself or with a team

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Listed places i worked and training and certification i have recieved. have worked in the freezer. forklift and lift experiance from grocery store. have unloaded trucks with materials for store and have loaded trucks up with returns as needed and know how to put away and organize along with pull as needed Menos

Motovicity Distribution

one thing I would correct with my former employer.

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keep it positive

What my major was and what field i wanted to pursue.

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Giant Tiger

If co-worker harass you at work, what's the first thing you do?

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Think first before you speak. If you are not happy about your co-worker, talk to your supervisor. He/she will make the judgement. Menos

Navy Exchange

are u a hard worker never call and sick

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I tell them I am a hard worker always helping my co worker.never call and sick

Club Assist North America

What are you long term goals? How hard of a worker was i? what was my driving record like? How was i on computers?

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That i wanted to learn and advance as far as i could go. I have since advanced three levels in the company and have been there over six years. Menos

Mattress Firm

How is your work ethic

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My work ethic is superior


does this seem like something you can do

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yes of course I would enjoy it

Vista Proppants and Logistics

What do you want to here

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US Marine Corps


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yes sir i am ready.

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