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A un Assistant Warehouse Manager le preguntaron...24 de enero de 2020

Are you available to work second shift and weekends?

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Yes with the exception of Thursday nights, as I have a previous commitment on those nights. Menos

Am ready to work at any time by the grace of God

Smoke N' Fire

Why do you want to work for our company?

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I believe with my experience in retail and fast-paced environments, I'd be a good addition to the company as a warehouse assistant. Menos

Not so difficult - Stay on as long as you accept the abuse and the pay rate because we need the help and dare you to leave considering the current job market.

1 respuestas

Seems fair enough.

Create a summary of this column with the list being filtered by X(See above question)

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Subtotal(9, range) or utilize Table Summary Functionality. Sum of the filtered range is acceptable but might not be technically impressive. Menos

Community Action

if i was able to lift the boxes and sort food by type

1 respuestas

yes i was able to do that

Art Institute of Chicago

Why are you looking for this position with your level of education.

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(Honestly.) I have a great respect for the Art Institute, and want to be a part of its mission. While this isn't necessarily a position I see myself in long-term, it is a good way to start. Menos


How long can u commit?

1 respuestas

As long as u want.


Preferred working hours & days

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Told them my preference for working days.

Ceruzzi Concepts

How many people I've supervised

1 respuestas

Up to 40

Lyneer Staffing Solutions

What shifts are you available to work

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Night and swing

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