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A un Visual Effects Artist le preguntaron...12 de abril de 2022

All they asked was "What is your rate?"

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I replied I would need to know a LOT more about the expectations for the role and what benefits I would receive before I could answer the question. No further communication received from them after that, including no response to follow-up email. Lack of professional courtesy, poor communication, unprofessional all around. Menos

Coach Ross Angeles

He Showed me what I would Get In Place of College Credit and Asked If That was Okay?

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I said Yes That Works For Me

Ingenuity Studios

"What is your expected salary?"

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I declined to provide a salary expectation as I hadn't been told by the recruiter about any details about the planned remote work arrangement or benefits of the role. Menos


How are you different than all the other applicants?

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I guess I'm not...

Walt Disney Company

Have you worked with a team before on a project? And if so, how did you contribute to the project? Was it a success? Why or why not?

Infinity Ward

Really the interview was a pleasant chat within professionals looking to accomplish great things together!

Blizzard Entertainment

What games do you play? What do you like about them? How would you improve it? If you play WoW, what is one thing you do to improve it? If it's starcraft, what would you do to make it better?

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