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CSM Bakery Solutions
A un Vice President IT le preguntaron...16 de agosto de 2017

Have you ever worked in a bakery?

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Good luck my friend this company is a joke and you are only a chess piece on the board. I guess if you just want the title this is the place. SAP is a joke and the company is more of a joke. They don't respect anyone. It's a horrible place to work for and you will be looking for a job shortly again. Menos

If you go to work for this company, you may have to wear more than an IT hat.....depending on the day, who quits or who gets let recommendation is to run and run fast! Menos

No. The company is completely closed to diverse industry experience. Limiting for them. Menos


do you play golf?

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depends on whom i'm playing with.

i didn't play goif this is because where i come from theirs no golf field

no a dint play golf since i have no one to play golf with.

Deutsche Bank

1. How many people have you managed at your present work? What are the challenges you faced and how did you handle them?

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Would have been better if you have posted your response to the question.

She was looking for answers in terms of my managing, coaching, and mentoring skills and specific situations that I have handled at current work. Menos

Describe your IT accomplishments.

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My greatest IT accomplishments are still yet to come!

I described past accomplishments.


The interview was highly technical and covered lot of breadth and depth. Concurrency, CAP theorem, Big data, NoSQL, some distributed computing, etc. At the end, he asked me if as a developer/engineer he could learn something from me.

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Why they took around 4 months for selection?

I talked about Traffic Engineering.


The interviewer stated that most of the team in Austin, TX (where the position is) was in their mid-twenties and stated that he thought I was too old to fit in the team.

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My retort was an attempt as assurance that I could work with people younger than myself. Menos

Illuminate Education

What would your short term goals for this position?

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Get job in this company


Sadly there was not much time for the interview because the only person I spoke with was 40 minutes late which left just 15 minutes before he ran away.

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No real questions, just kept apologizing for being late

Abercrombie & Fitch

What is my biggest strength ?

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Purposeful positioning, agility and building formidible Organization.


The CEO does not like consultants--make sure you have been a non-consultant !!

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Tell the CEO you have never been a consultant

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