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A un Vice President, Regional Sales Management le preguntaron...11 de marzo de 2020

What do you do to have fun, who is the real you? refreshing

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this was a large discussion point which showed their want to bring someone in that suited not only the skillset required but also the culture they are trying to preserve Menos

Keller Williams

What are your strengths?

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My strengths are strong communication skills, people skills, delegation, and team building Menos


Sales manager philosophy, process and achievements

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Directly with detailed specifics


Why am I leaving my current company/role?


Provide examples of how I have demonstrated the Mirakl core values in previous jobs.


Standard interview questions - how would you approach the role etc


Which would be your three biggest challenges?

Stewart Title

My style of management.

Fisher Investments

Are you the person who can walk in the door and close the deal?

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