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JPMorgan Chase & Co
A un Vice President - Project Manager le preguntaron...17 de abril de 2016

The usual - tell me about yourself, do you have certifications, do you have what it takes to work in a global distributed environment, etc.

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explained about myself clearly but they keep asking the same questions in a different formats and I was consistent in letting them know that my answers didn't change. For rest of the questions, of course, I answered positively hence I got the assignment. Menos


Are you willing to relocate to the NYC metro area?

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

Which position are you most interested in, A or B?

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I said that I was good at both, but would prefer A.

Union Bank

General Product Management questions related to deposits

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How do you manage conflicts and what techniques do you use?

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open discussion, bring both sides together, build trust. If cant resolve then escalate Menos

Credit Suisse

The person kept asking about use of specific tools in what was framed as a situational question and seemed to be seeking different answers than what I felt the question warranted.

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I kept stating that, as an experienced PM (over 20 years), I was basically tool agnostic and focused on how I managed people and processes. Menos


Tell me about a time when you had a personal conflict with another employee

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I let the hiring manager know that I have not had any conflicts with other employees Menos

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Describe a project you worked on that did not go well.

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I described a project that was "going off the rails" and then spoke about the actions I took to ensure it stayed on track. Menos

Northern Trust

Typical questions - what are your weaknesses and strengths. How did my experiences relate to the position that I was applying for?

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I summarized my experiences and gave a parallel of the two positions.

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