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Deutsche Bank
A un IT Program Manager (SVP) le preguntaron...27 de mayo de 2016

How do you deal with C-level executives?

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With brevity, honesty and accuracy.


How do you draw up an IT Blueprint for the Bank if you are given the first assignment to do it if you are selected to be employed?


How to change the complacent group of staff atitude to be receptive to transformation and new core banking system. Next, being a project manager, how do you adapt yoursel to the existing work environment as for the past 2 years, quite number of project managers left the Bank as they were not dtermined and resilient enough to take up the challenges


Are you good with MS products? No difficult questions were asked. Just the basic ones that you would find on the internet.

Bank of America

How would you describe your sales process and what tools have you created to help generate custom solutions?

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