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Cual es tu visión del puesto, qué has entendido de lo que has visto en internet?

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Les conté mi visión de la posición basado en lo que había investigado sobre la empresa

Si te quedas más tranquilo, no promocionaron a nadie, la posición estaba abierta y alguien ocupaba el cargo provisionalmente hasta encontrar a alguien :)

All questions were related to real company scenarios like, we're planning on developing the corporate market, which would be your key areas of focus? If you alrady have 4 junior guys in your team in Madrid, how would you structure the team? If USA and Mexico are our next priority markets, how many people would you hire to manage the initiative? If this is what the new site looks like, what actions would you take to imrpove its SEO? And so on... a grilling session on how would you solve an actual challenge we currently have.

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what is your interest for future development

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About forecasting the future of the industry

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Who do you know at Deutsche Bank? In which banks do you have personal accounts? Where do you live?

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no recuerdo en detalle , fue más bien una conversación entre iguales y cordial

"You are asked to design an application to process mobile phone usage data on behalf of a large global telecom provider. The telecom provider wishes to know their top subscribers by revenue based on each subscriber's data usage. The raw usage data resides in thousands of log files produced daily. Each log file can be up to 256MB in size and they all contain 1-line data records, each representing 1-minute of data usage for a single subscriber. Each record includes 10 numeric fields that measure the data usage across various usage categories. The record also contains information such as the subscriber ID, and timestamp. The files are compressed and stored in an S3 bucket organized by year, month and day. The revenue calculation requires a number of computations to combine and price each of the 10 different usage categories, but each data record can be priced independently. You are going to solve this problem using the Map/Reduce pattern. Submit a copy of this M/R spec template: describing how to implement the various phases of Map/Reduce."

Asked me about past experience, how I built my team, interests and what would be the first things I'd do if I joined the company.

Everything from page one of ' Recruitment for Dummies'

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