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A un Vice President Support Sales Operations le preguntaron...12 de noviembre de 2010

How would you reorganize and restructure an organization that the company wanted to take in a completely new direction?

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Basically stated I would need a complete review of the organization structure, P&L, financials, the board's goals and timeline, interviews with key players and key customers. Would take the first 90 days for discovery and implementation planning, goal setting, hiring lieutenants, and would then take the next 6 months in implementation, with bi-monthly updates for the CEO and Board, as necessary. Menos

I would gain a clear understanding of the corporate goals. Understand the team members and each of their strengths. Create an initial 90 day retention plan and determine if any of the exiting team have a place within that plan based on their skills - not their current role. Be honest, direct and specific in delivering all messaging to the team and to the board. Set clear expectations for each team member and each superior as to expectations and deliverables. Ensure a proper timeline aligns with the goals. EXECUTE! Menos


Why do you want this role vs. a VP of Sales

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I learned that I truly like enabling other team members' success. And I thrive in a more cross functional role Menos


Give an example of your sales process experience - what works, what doesn't.


What are some examples of automation that you've built at your current company?


What are some of the process improvements you've made at your current role?

NTT Ltd.

If you sit in the role how you drive the enablement


Please provide an example of a cross functional project, the teams you worked with and how you interacted with those teams?


Describe your background. Best Boss and why ? Experience as a change agent. How would you manage change that would affect the way stakeholders do business ?


How would set up the Sales Ops organization?

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