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A un Senior Vice President Global Sales le preguntaron...7 de febrero de 2021

Many questions were asked about my leadership style

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Servant leader, lead by example, demonstrate empathy, but hold people accountable Menos

Working shoulder to shoulder I provide coaching and feedback for development and success. Menos


why our revenues and our margin is declining?

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market do not understand why they have to buy from you or your product and services are losing respect. Menos


What are your KPIs in managing your business? How do you go about recruiting, hiring, and maintaining top performers? What are your thoughts on work-from-home for your team when conditions get back to normal?

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I shared my thoughts on the ideal candidate characteristics and the situational interview questions I ask, as well as the role play I lead for TDRs and Commercial Sales AEs. We were aligned on partial work-from home guidelines and that the team benefits from being in the office 3 days a week (2 set and 1 floating) when Covid conditions allow for it. Menos

Telecom Brokers

When can you start?

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I needed several weeks to wrap things up.

Unizen Technologies

1. How can contribute towards our companies growth and bottom line

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I will put in water tight sales process and continuous improvement and ensure qualified leads and fast closure. Menos


Take me through your 30/60/90 day plans, how disruptive can you be without disturbing the revenue

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I had done homework to ensure i had a comprehensive plan to share


To describe my experience with large global sales and roll-outs.


What did my present role consist of?

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