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Ace Hardware
A un UX Design Manager le preguntaron...10 de mayo de 2022

Walk me through a case study in your portfolio of your choice.

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I showed them the case study. All very professional.

Bray Leino Group

How do I plan to advocate UX and improve the overall know-how of the company's employees?

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I plan to conduct ongoing biweekly workshops for various operational unit in the company to help them gain better understanding of the topic and the industry. Through this, I also plan to encourage other team leads and seniors to conduct brownbags to share their experiences and skillsets. Menos

A un UX Manager le preguntaron...12 de noviembre de 2021

Procesos o casos en los que hayas innovado dentro de tu trabajo.

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Creación de nuevos canales y formatos de comunicación y contenido.

Visible Alpha

Towards the end, one of the questions that I was asked was, “What if there’s someone that doesn’t want to connect or work with you?” To which I asked, “Is this a common occurrence at Visible Alpha.” They didn’t answer. Instead they just repeated the question.

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I responded that “It’s important to keep it professional. While finding opportunities or openings where potential inroads could be built for at least a shared understanding.” Menos


Tell me about your research that is relevant to ux research. Tell me about your research that is relevant to ux research. Walk me through your resume. Tell about yourself that was working under the pressure.

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I tried my best to answer the questions.

A un UX Manager le preguntaron...8 de septiembre de 2019

How would you convince or influence a person (or senior leader with power) on the value of your proposed design? (loosely how the question was phrased)

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I shared that the UX research findings/data (and backed with industry best practice) should be fundamentally used to driven strategic decisions. If there is push back, UX should at minimum state the recommendation backed with data. Rather than focus on conflict (which will often occur) I suggested that UX should influence by telling the full story (grounded in data and prioritized) of the context for which designs decisions are being make. In other words, make sure that those that need to be influenced gain empathy for the target customer. When attempting to influence, start with the data, mobilize teams through on-going opportunities where research findings are shared or socialized on a regular basis, and use Agile/scrum/back-log to prioritize design decisions. Communication and collaboration - across different levels of the organization is key for long-term UX influencing tactics. Menos

Marsh McLennan
A un UX Manager le preguntaron...21 de septiembre de 2018

Lots of probing questions about how I approach UX, design, design systems and more.

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I answered very honestly and directly, which is my style. I don't like to dress up my answers with salesman-like language or technological gobbledygook. Menos


Describe a skill you would bring most to the role.

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Technical ability and go into detail.


Can you speak or write in Chinese?

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Are you currently using the Coinbase app and do you hold crypto in your wallet.

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