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Palantir Technologies
A un Unix Systems Administrator le preguntaron...25 de marzo de 2013

What are your weaknesses?

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I wasn't prepared to answer the question.

Turn a weakness into a positive. 1. My C++ programming is week, but being solid in bash and perl as a unix administrator has enabled me to write automation and data processing scripts. Menos

Hard work


A UNIX fie system has been reported at 100% full. You log in and clear what appears to be the offending file. However, the file system still reports to be 100% full. What could cause this?>

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Use the lsof utilty (List Open Files) to identfy the process

Kill or restart the process which has been still looking for deleted file

In this case the answer accepted was. "The file that you cleared was still open by the calling application. The file handle was still in use and the file system was not recognizing that the space had been released. Menos


Fueron más. Preguntas personales. Y de mi experiencia en inglés

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Sobre mis trabajos anteriores y de mis proyectos personales



What is the most popular open source high availability cluster software?

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Linux HA Luci,ricci and conga

Tyro Payments

What is different about authentication vs authorization?

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What is different about tcp & udp?

hi with authentication you just have "connect" role and you can connect . with authorization , you can run commands that you have permit. Menos


Which commands to check performance on a system

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top, free



What is: some say 0 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29

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answer prime numbers

they are asking you for the next prime number. which it is 31.


Do you have UNIX administration knowledge?

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Yes, administering Linux and BSD servers.



Please give a sort description of your work experience

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History Sep 2013 - still in - IT/Electronics project manager (Qatar) –H.E.Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani  Work on project management for private household in the position of It-electronics manager responsible for all electronics and IT equipment in the house, Cisco network and DNS services  Responsible / Consulting for the installations and services of network switches in accordance to manufacture instructions Technician and operator at all audio visual equipment of server Kaleidescape and audio visual matrix through network  Technician and operator of all security and CCTV cameras systems powered by marine guard and RFS security corporation Feb 2012- September 2016- IT/Electronics manager –Private yacht management  Work on 133, motor yacht in the position of It- electronics manager responsible for all navigation electronics and IT equipment on board  Responsible for the installation and service in accordance to manufacture instructions for the VDR-ECDIS- RADAR-GMDSS MINI M, FLEEET 33-77 and the navigation equipment of Kongsberg Comp and Funa Gmbh  Technician and operator at all audio visual equipment of 4 server kaleidoscope and 54 kaleidoscope units also for the satellite receivers and audio visual matrix through network  Technician and operator of all security and CCTV cameras systems powered by marine guard and RFS security corporation  Administrator of 3 window server 2003 and exchange server 2007, active directory, roaming profiles, DNS services, Cisco networks, Mimecast Operation Mail Console  Managing V-sat services for the internet connections and Optimizer5W great circle systems NAS3000 and Blue Coat for the inbound and outbound network Traffic  Responsible for the refitting of the boat and the New Deck construction for the all the electronics, safety, navigation, Audio Visual and I.T.equipments in the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Germany. Menos

CEDAR CX Technologies

Nothing not right out of text book.

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I pretended to care about this BS.

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