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A un Travel Agent le preguntaron...21 de marzo de 2018

why you want to do this job ?

5 respuestas

because I want to grow myself. I want to do big.

I am right person to do this job

I want to make money with my skill.

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BCD Travel

Name 7oceans

4 respuestas

5 out of 7

Atlantic Ocean

Arabic sea

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Viking Cruises

What is the booking your currently reading.

3 respuestas

I need a job in Cruise line

I am a Chef, I have 15year experience in hotels and restaurants

I am an indian

American Automobile Association (AAA)

The personality test had many questions about how you function in groups, how competitive you are in a sales environment, and how you deal with stress.

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I tried to answer honestly.

do you feel they want a competitive person?

do you feel they want a competitive person?


Why do you want to work at TravelPerk?

2 respuestas


My skills and experience

any experience before

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I have 3 months experience in ticketing field

Can you work certain hours?

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yes. i am flexible.


List 5 things you like the most in the world.

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Really Personal and honest response

GOGO Vacations
A un Travel Agent le preguntaron...13 de septiembre de 2016

If I could travel any where in the world, where would it be and how would I plan for it.

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I choose Barbados, and I would plan by reaching the island and what it had to offer for a first time visit. Menos

What do I have to offer that sets you apart from the other 200 applicants

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I can sell better than all of them. I have confidence and I refuse to give up to until they hang up Menos

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