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MMC Corp
A un Training and Development Director le preguntaron...25 de octubre de 2020

Do you really believe we carefully reviewed any applications, let alone yours, before rejecting you?

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No I don't! Not when the rejection comes exactly at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. IF by chance you actually did carefully review my application, then carefully give feedback as to what you felt I lacked compared to what you want but failed to put in the job description. Menos

Elements Massage

Talk about your professional experience in the past?

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I spoke about my education and past jobs.

University of Colorado Boulder

Why are you a good fit for this position?

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I shared my experience and skills.


I was asked to fly in for an interview, and I voluntarily went at my own expense. A couple days later, the recruiter told me they hired someone, even though during the interview they layed out a long and elaborate lie regarding the interview process. I asked for reimbursement for my trip since they already knew who they were going to hire before I got there. I received no response to my request.

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beware, unethical.

MMC Corp

1) Why do you feel this position has been posted over and over for month without anyone being hired?

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1) Because your posting has an hidden agenda that no one will ever meet. 2) You like people to waste their time thinking MMC might be a place worth working at and so you want to see how many suckers will apply. 3) Reposting for months is an indicator of several things: a) Hidden agendas b) Lack of Leadership and c) Poor job description versus what is actually wanted d) There are no humans in the process of hiring e) You wouldn't know a qualified candidate if they were sitting in front of you let alone on paper. f) You fail to removed job postings until the new person is on the job and has fulfilled any probationary time requirement. g) The job doesn't really exist. h) You hired a person you are not sure if you made the right decision so you are keeping the position posted just in case you need to fire them at will and want a plethora of other already disqualified applications on hand to never consider again but gave them false hope. i) Menos

Behavioral Health Group

They asked many questions, which were focused on assessing the degree to which I was adept at managing and delivering learning services. Their focus was primarily on the tactical aspects of online delivery.

Centria Healthcare

Tell me about your experience.


Discuss methods you use for time management.

Paradigm Strategy

What is one way you are currently modeling a growth mindset?

LHH Recruitment Solutions

Handling commute to Stamford, CT.

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