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HM Sampoerna
A un Manager Trade Marketing le preguntaron...2 de junio de 2014

Do you smoke?

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Yes im smoking

Yes, i smoke and i'm pretty aware about its good and bad

No, i am not smoking

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MTN Nigeria


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I am international from Cameroon and me and family has been mtn members since creation and I want to bring in my acquired experience to mtn to better citizens standard of life and enjoyment. Menos

Gave details of what the company stands for and how it aligns with my personal goals Menos

Quintessential Brands Group

What would be your on-trade strategy for our portfolio for the EOY

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10 minute presentation outlining different routes to market and category focuses


tell me about your experience on NPI? Promotion project you do?

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full detail with focus


Why you wanna leave your company

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Answer May be..... that I wanna take up more challenges, to grow my career more faster Menos

United Spirits

Why switching from a much sophisticated industry to this one

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Benby Enterprises

How do you handle conflict?

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I remain calm under pressure and set aside my ego.

Bunge Limited

About resilience ; Market knolodge ; Teamworking and leadership .

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About my last experiences with examples .

Downeast Cider House

Build a forecasting model based off of generated reports with no context.

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I spent almost six hours working on this project and only had 30 minutes to present it, which was actually cut down to 18 minutes because three of the interviewers were late and one didn't show up. I didn't receive any feedback other than "good job". Menos

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

Describe your best project within the current role and it's impact on business

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As I was prepared to this question, I fully described my latest project, my role there, impact on sales growth, operational improvements and investments efficiency Menos

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