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M. K. Group (India)
A un Tig Welder le preguntaron...26 de agosto de 2015

Where did you hear about our company

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Select Stainless Products
A un Tig Welder le preguntaron...13 de septiembre de 2017

Are you a team player

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Environmental Air Systems

Can you tig aluminum good?

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Yes i can


Do I live within a 30 mi radius.

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Tetra Tech (Saudi Arabia)
A un Tig Welder le preguntaron...2 de septiembre de 2018

regarding my skilled

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i tell them about my experience on my position that i applied

Tradesmen International
A un Tig Welder le preguntaron...30 de noviembre de 2016

Skill level for the job you were applying for? Wanted to see certifications and know you had OSHA training. All things anyone should ask for my type of skill.

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With a smile. Supplied the certifications and my OSHA card. Interview was a pleasure. Menos

Daewoo Engineering

How many qualification you have?

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Yes, and i show my qualification id and certification.

American Dish Service

By the time I saw the HR rep, I was already hired. They must have learned everything they needed from the placement agency.

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Q: When can you start? A: Monday.

Reidco Metal

What is the lowest possible wage you will accept?

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A un Tig Welder le preguntaron...22 de noviembre de 2018

If I had an entire lot of parts that were out of tolerance and couldnt be fixed, what would I do?

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Consult with a superior.

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