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A un Telephone Interviewer le preguntaron...7 de julio de 2012

Why do you believe you are the best canindate for the job?

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Because Im a fast learner,intelligent,and have what it takes to get to the next level. Menos

I believe I am the best candidate because I'm fast paced, a quick learner, and will be able to gladly accomplish the tasks given to me. Menos


What are some of your "hot buttons"?

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I just told them things like, family, friends, things along those lines.

The current issues, such as Gay marriage, Obamacare, just to name a couple.

Direct Line Group

Why DLG & this grad scheme?

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Hello, have you had the assessment centre yet? could you give some insight into that please? What was the aptitude test like? Thanks Menos

- Provide background info about DLG - Relate your answers to the 6 core values - Say what appealed to you about the grad scheme (i.e. I said I like the rotational aspect as I wasn't 100% sure which area of business I wanted to focus on). Menos


Some of the phone surveys will deal with sensitive issues such as religion, politics, and gender issues. Is this acceptable to you?

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I said that, yes, I could handle the sensitive nature of some of the phone surveys. She continued that I would be given options at times for certain types of surveys, meaning I could opt out of anything that I felt uncomfortable with. Menos

I have no problem with any of those issues.

Survey Healthcare Global

Do you mind the smell?

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Which smell?

I don't remember any smelly person, most likely my sinus prevented me from smelling it which I consider it a blessing. Menos

when could i begin training

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when training was available and they gave me the training date

Work 5pm-11:30pm Monday-Thursday. anything after 9:30 is $10.50 an hour and you're off Friday and Saturday, and Sunday is $10.50 for whole shift. Does that work for you?

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I think its wondertul.

Mostly regarding previous experience and how you would respond to clients.

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Positively, ensuring they knew my relevant experience.

They ask you to read a script

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Read script

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